It has been almost eight months since the last time I saw a live concert. The pandemic made it hard for all of us – artists and fans alike. But luckily there are some venues, like Beta2300, working extra hard to ensure live music keeps thriving. 

I recently got the chance to be back in front of an artist giving their best for the crowd. It was electric – the energy is hard to describe, and the feeling of belonging is like nothing else. 

Photo by Miglė Černevičiūtė

Danish melodic death metal formation Livløs (“Lifeless”) brought their raging riffs, hardcore growls, outstanding energy and stage presence to Beta2300 on the 14th of November. It was a show you should be pissed off if you missed, but you have your chance for redemption at the same place on the 21st of November (see event).

Here is a quick overview of how the Scandinavian metal machine rocked the house.

Photo by Miglė Černevičiūtė

You would probably expect an explosion of sounds and energy during such a show, and this is exactly what you get. Despite the circumstances due to COVID-19 (limited capacity and seated audience), the sold-out venue was united in one entity pulsating with energy during the entire set.

Frontman Niklas Lykke had no issues lifting the spirits and making the audience participate in the show as much as possible. The seated guests and limited capacity didn’t seem to affect his noteworthy stage dominance nor the dynamics of the rest of the guys on the instruments. Headbanging, horns rising high, unified screams, and melodic riffs – it was all part of the action-packed set. Livløs and the audience were in synch. You could tell people were having a blast, taking in every second of the show, and supporting the performance full-power.

Photo by Miglė Černevičiūtė

Livløs owned the show collectively. The melodic intro instrumentals to most songs built up to explosive vocals and powerful riffs. Drums, bass, guitar, and vocals worked as one to deliver the enthralling performance Livløs are known for in the scene. They demolished the Beta2300 stage (metaphorically speaking) with an energetic act that you simply need to see to believe is possible. It was a true example that live music is not just about playing a bunch of songs you wrote – it’s about how you present them and how you connect with your audience. It’s a different type of art, and Livløs seem to know the trick.   

The in-your-face energetic start of the show was not interrupted for a second – songs were flowing from one another gracefully making up for a coherent concert experience. You hardly got a break to catch your breath from chanting with the band, but the heavy rhythm and sharp vocals were impossible to resist.

Photo by Miglė Černevičiūtė

The limited space and current conditions might be a setback for some bands, but with Livløs it worked in their favour. The whole atmosphere was much more intimate than a regular show, and you could feel the connection between the band and the audience. There is always a way to put up a show if you set your mind to it and we witnessed it that Saturday.

Photo by Miglė Černevičiūtė

During the times of the pandemic live music is a true privilege – we are lucky to still have a chance to witness concerts in all their glory and support hard-working musicians. It’s a great privilege to have welcoming venues with dedicated teams such as the one at Beta2300 who make it possible to still experience live music in a safe, warm environment while also ensuring quality conditions for both band and crowd.

Livløs brought their discography to life with the enchanting set and unwavering connection with the crowd. You have one more chance to see it – the band will be back at Beta2300 on the 21st of November for an extra concert.

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