Listening to Charlotte Cardin for the first time is an amazing experience. The upcoming star has one of the most soothing and recognizable voices I have heard in a while. The atmosphere she creates with it just feels like home.

Combining relaxing and joyful soul/jazz melodies with her mellow vocals, Cardin also effectively incorporates quality lyrics shifting between different moods.


The first thing you will notice in Charlotte Cardin is her soothing voice. Jazz and soul vibes are flowing from her well-executed vocals and manage to create an atmosphere of pure cosiness.

The noteworthy sound is not her only strong point. There is no lack of diversity in terms of themes – melancholy, nostalgia, heartache, love, and desire will often make appearances when you cruise through her discography.

Sound, lyrics, and video/imagery work together to create the final masterpiece for each song

It seems that Cardin is extracting inspiration directly from her life and experiences, as well as (she herself states) from human beings and their relationships. Vice and virtue go hand in hand with the playful melodies, organic presence, and comforting voice.


Listen to Main Girl EP

I had to dive deep into her work simply because I couldn’t resist it. Trust me when I say it was a worthwhile experience I wish I could feel for the first time again.

Main Girl (2017) is an EP containing most of her discography (including songs form 2016’s Big Boy EP). The six songs encapsulate the essence of the artist – her irresistible charm, the voice which can comfort you during tough nights of self-reflection, the beautiful instrumentals, and the touching lyrical storytelling.

Main Girl is a great introduction to the art of Cardin. She plays with her voice in several different ways during the course of the song to bring the emotions she sings about to live.

Numerical progression and clever metaphors are used well to give the song the inspirational and highly empowering final message – self-value dignity, and never settling with being a second choice or back-up option.

Dirty Dirty is a slightly different song that gracefully picks up some of the elements of Main Girl.

An elegant acoustic intro sets the mood and the main topics of the song perfectly well. Dirty Dirty blends several different elements together to create a beautiful mess of thoughts and emotions. Slightly sexual at times, showcasing desire, admitting jealousy, hiding pain – the song is a rollercoaster directed by the stunning voice of Cardin.

Probably my favourite yet

There is something magical about Paradise Motion. It creates an unexplainable feeling of comfort and warmth despite the negative situation which in question.

It is one of the catchiest songs Cardin has put out yet with its smooth build-up to the explosive chorus. Once again uplifting melodies contrast the lyrics and bring a relatable story to life with a hopeful undertone.

The video elevates this song to a whole new level

One of the more different songs by Cardin is her collaboration with the Canadian hip-hop artist Husser. Like It Doesn’t Hurt displays how intriguing combination jazz and hip-hop can be making you wish there was more of this kind to enjoy.

It brings the best of two completely different worlds. The song changes the mood several times to display the development of a love story in the most relatable way possible.

The track has a trippy, melancholic feel – it is slow, gradual, and feels like it will keep going forever (I wish it did).  The balance between Charlotte’s level-headed vocals and Husser’s sharop rap verses is impressive.

Before the final track of the EP, Big Boy once again brings out the broken love vibes. It contains illustrative lyrical content and catchy melodic elements to prove its point.

The video! So good!

The Kids is probably one of Cardin’s most powerful songs. It is highly emotional, quite delicate and shows a different part of the artist’s skills.

The song and video complement each other well, showing fragments of uneasy memories and making the concept even more powerful. The Kids hits hard and explains how a bad relationship and a few wrong choices can affect other people’s lives in a devastating way.

Check out the latest release – the first single from her upcoming 2020 album

The short but memorable journey through Charlotte Cardin’s repertoire is an interesting ride. There is something irresistible in the artist’s simplicity and natural approach towards music and imagery – something that feels right.

Cardin recently released her first single from an upcoming album. Passive Aggressive marks the start of an even more intimate deep-dive into the artist’s mind and hints that the new album will be packed with new inspiration and satisfying sound progression.

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