I have been subconsciously relying on a specific record to make my rainy afternoons and lazy weekends even better for quite some time now. I think the album in question creates an uplifting environment you might not know you need so giving it a shot is definitely worth it.

This post is dedicated to FKJ’s 2017 debut solo full-length French Kiwi Juice (it is exactly this moment I realize the artistic pseudonym FKJ stands for French Kiwi Juice and I am in shock) and its admirably tranquil and soothing vibes. By the way, this is my first attempt to formulate a mini-review instead of overanalyzing each track so any feedback is welcome!


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I am once again late for the party even though I have been checking up on FKJ’s unique vibe every once in a while. However, I never paid special attention to his only solo full-length until it caught me by surprise one rainy Saturday afternoon.

Ever since that Saturday, three weeks ago, I have been regularly submerging into the intriguing world of tranquillity, passion, and emotion the artist managed to orchestrate. With many different influences and a lot of specific to FKJ touches the album is the best choice for a nonchalant lazy afternoon/day/morning/night when you strongly desire peace of mind and an escape from the worries of the real world.

Pressing play of French Kiwi Juice means pressing pause on life’s troubles for a while

French Kiwi Juice creates a whole world representing the state of mind of the artist but despite some of the themes being emotionally overwhelming (others are truly liberating and eye-opening to bring balance) the feeling of peace and contempt is fully preserved in all of the twelve tracks.

During the course of the album, FKJ goes through love, passion, appreciation, gratitude and other sharp emotions but the tension that you would expect from tracks of this sort is completely missing. You can easily devote to the vibe of relaxation while the relevant and highly emotional lyrics gently poke your mind without intruding or forcing you to focus on them.


The album has a charming combination of rhythm and blues elements as well as jazz and lo-fi influences.

The flexible approach towards the nature of the beats, vocals, and track progression is also admirable and enhanced by the soul-nurturing features of June Marieezy – (((O))) in Skyline and Vibin’ Out With (((O))).

June Marieezy’s vocals are such a pleasure

The eternity of the album is impressively coherent and consistent. However, this does not mean that FKJ played it safe and relied on repetitive beats or song structures. Exactly the opposite – most of the tracks are drastically different from each other and all of them feature a distinctive element that makes them pop out.

This one, for example, will fill your heart with gratitude and appreciation of life’s joys


Some of the songs are more lyrical than others presenting a detailed overview of the mindset of the artist and leaving room for deeper thoughts and contemplations. Others are extremely minimalistic with only a few lines of lyrical content which is nevertheless enough to transmit the emotions in question. All of the songs are greatly elevated by the intriguing musical construction and different soundscape surroundings.

Minimalistic! And this jazz solo!

I think FKJ’s French Kiwi Juice accomplishes a lot with its 47 minutes playtime. For such a short duration the artist behind the record displays outstanding producing and singing abilities as well as a great sense of consistency.

The album is one of those records that you can listen to both with the intention of triggering thought-provoking questions about life or the complete opposite – allowing the atmosphere to take you away from your overthinking.

It is not the first time FKJ has displayed his capacity for creating great music and his unique ability to construct whole dimensions with his work. The record has everything that makes FKJ an astonishing artist while highlighting his skill of making a consistent flow of honey-dripping tracks holding raw emotions. It is simply a level up in his development and something that hints we should all be excited about what comes next in his journey.

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