The final week of June unexpectedly brought some refreshing new tunes marking the return of prominent artist in various music scenes. As if they coordinated their release dates, we suddenly got overwhelmed with several worthwhile new tracks each declaring the entrance of a new era for the respective artist.

I couldn’t hold in my excitement and fascination from what I heard so I decided to pour it all out in a quick blog post. Here are the six artist returns I think are worth looking into.



Bring Me The Horizon – Parasite Eve



Bring Me The Horizon never really took a break since the release of 2019s Amo. However, their latest track Parasite Eve is the official entrance into the realms of a new, daunting but very exciting era. The new song is part of the first of four albums all bearing the symbolic title Post Human. Those are supposed to see the world in the span of the next 12 months according to Oli Sykes.

The idea behind Post Human is looking at how we’ve stepped out of evolution and the food chain. If we can do that, then we can take responsibility for what we’ve done to the planet and become something better than what humans are right now.

Read more at the offical source: Kerrang!

The evolution of the band and their ability to keep pushing themselves into new dimensions of music is seriously impressive. Parasite Eve unites so many influences and inspiration perfectly fitting into a masterful display of visuals, sound, and lyrical content.

The song paints a dystopian cyber-punk scene which hauntingly reminds of the current state of the world. Drawing inspiration from the late 90s Playstation game with the same title the track includes today’s most pressing issues. Bring Me The Horizon make provocative but justified remarks about our society and force us to reflect on our nature:

When we forget the infection
Will we remember the lesson?

The aggravating references and sharp-tongued remarks typical for the British rock giants are not the only noteworthy thing about Parasite Eve. It features classical neo-metal sound and elevates it with modern beats and instrumentals. To complete the masterpiece a strong focus on glitchy, monsterous visuals accompany the video.

The return of heavy riffs and earth-shattering instrumentals is evident, several layers of vocals including distorted voices, samples from Bulgarian folk music, and bone-chilling growls are all present to level-up the atmosphere we saw in 2019s Ludens.

We can only look forward to witnessing how the Post Human era will affect all of us. We are off to a great start for sure.

Grandson – Identity


An artist who is not afraid to speak up


Grandson has been teasing his new music for a while as well. On the 25th of June, we finally got a taste of what is to come with his new single Identity. The artist fully preserves his strong, unfiltered lyrical content focused on his political views and his thoughts on humanity as a whole. The song strikes as relevant and necessary, hitting the right spots with harsh but true statements.

Identity has a heavy/aggressive feel perfectly suiting the themes explored in the song. Fast-paced rap parts switch with controlled vocals to bring the message forward using creative wordplay as one might expect from the artist.

The will certainly keep listeners occupied before the next big step is revealed. The expectations for the upcoming album are set high but I am certain Grandson will be able to exceed them judging by his usual immersive conceptual executions of both live shows and albums/music videos.

Mass detention, debt collection
Missed direction, got lost, missed intervention
We missed redemption, missed reflection
Kissed the weapon, skip the lesson, and got an infection
Mass confusion, air pollution, compromise foreign contribution
Mass epidemic, no mask and amass, call the medic, go fast
Do I last? Apathetic

Dominic Fike – Chicken Tenders



Dominic Fike has been quiet for a while – the artist had not released anything new for almost a year but on the 26th of June we had the pleasure of experiencing the first single from his upcoming debut full-length.

Chicken Tenders is sweet, tempting, and seductive – it has the classic Dominic Fike vibe you would recognize anywhere. The artist stays true to himself both in terms of sound and lyrics and brings out a taste of the thoughts currently occupying his mind in the best possible way.

The song tells a romantic/love story told by Fike’s masterful wordplay and illustrative storytelling approaches. His alt/indie charm is a 100% present, it is impossible not to get hyped for what is yet to come with the 16 (or more) rumoured songs that will be featured on the album.


Tash Sultana – Greed



Tash Sultana is a proven sensual mastermind who is able to bring peace and tranquility with her soothing tunes but also points out thought-provoking issues kickstarting a process of self-reflection.

She released Pretty Lady – a beautiful song in the form of a personal confession back in April but I want to use this post to mention her latest single – Greed.

Most likely part of the upcoming record Terra Firma, the track has the recognizable sound of harmony, peace, and acceptance of flaws and virtues alike. Beautiful instrumentals accompany lyrics talking about the ridiculousness of today’s lifestyle and trending philosophy (without sounding aggressive or judgmental). The thoughts of the artist take form in the well-executed track and it also futures a short but on-point remark towards music industry’s exploitation of artists.

Greed is a piece that will urge you to self-reflect and dissect today’s common mentality in the most easy-going and comfortable way possible.


Raleigh Ritchie- Andy

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Listen to Andy by Raleigh Ritchie

Raleigh Ritchie also made a smashing return with his sophomore album Andy. The artist has always been one with distinctive style able to create a special atmosphere and connect with listeners with brutally raw confession-like tracks.

He often talks about struggles of the human mind most of us encounter but he does it with such honesty it makes his music incredibly bold. Named after Richie’s grandfather’s nickname the album is a clear step forward for his musical career and a satisfying level-up of his already impressive work.



You can feel the struggles, perseverance, and dedication that were part of the recording of each track. Andy talks about the pressures of life, the dangers of overthinking and low-self-esteem as well as the process of trying to overcome them, failing, and trying again until you achieve progress.

Each song dwells on a different aspect of self-development and overcoming mental struggles. The 12 tracks feature the familiar Raleigh Ritchie sound and mix in different experimental approaches which prove to work quite well.

The album offers a deep self-reflection and makes empowering remarks towards listeners serving as great inspiration for overcoming personal demons and setbacks. Definitely a strong contestant for album of the year in my book.

Do you ever feel stuck?
Stuck in the middle of your life?
Wondering will it be alright?


Nothing But Thieves – Real Love Song



Another British rock phenomenon has an album on the way – Nothing But Thieves’ Moral Panic is officially announced and we recently got a taste of the second single to support it.

After the release of the promising Is Everybody Going Crazy? the band treated us with another delight – Real Love Song. The track is one of those not-so-lovely-love-songs serving to prove that real love is not only sunshine and happiness – it is also challenges filled with turmoil and occasional pain but it lasts forever regardless of what prevails.

The band uses the contrast love song-sad song to emphasize their message and show both sides of the electric feeling. They live up to the promise and present real love accurately using their trademark sound once again.


Which are the songs/artists you are currently obsessed with and what are you looking forward to most? 2020 keeps proving to be one very kind year to the music world and I personally cannot wait to see what else it has in store.

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