The advance of summer is bringing different albums to mind. I find great pleasure in exploring various “summer-inspired” tracks and today I want to present one record which I can’t resist replaying again and again.

The charismatic Bulgarian duo Trombobby and C-MO has brought plenty tasty tunes to the home scene – each one better and more refined than its predecessor. 2019’s  The Year Without A Summer brings a refreshing taste of melancholy, summer romance, and easy-going vibes quickly proving to be the perfect soundtrack for both scorching heat and refreshing days of summer rain bringing back the energy to live and experience.


Listen to The Year Without A Summer | Even the cover screams bittersweet summer vibes 


Trombobby and C-MO’s music has an easy-going, almost nonchalant feel but great refinement and detail are also present. From the diverse and well-working sounds incorporated in each track, the small personal details, subtle but on-point vocals, and the overall atmosphere – they really make creating a coherent record look easy.

The Year Without A Summer is an EP featuring tracks with a different focus all united by alluring melodic progression and the same charming vibe.


The title track of the EP serves as a great introduction and sets the mood successfully. It starts with elevated lo-fi beats which are constant for the whole record and contribute to creating the unmistakable feel of relaxation and “future nostalgia”.

The rest of the tracklist utilizes different approaches and influences to bring out a touching mix of balanced lyrical content and instrumental transmission of emotions.


The Barber of Baghdad, for example, gracefully uses oriental touches to achieve a completely different sound from the rest of the songs and transport listeners to a completely new setting. Nevertheless, the mood and atmosphere stay intact – they just tell a different story.


Other songs include irresistible jazz/soul instrumentals carefully blended with modern beats to bring out the best of both worlds. Funk and RnB can also be spotted at times as well as old-school samples giving a creative touch to tracks like U Cheat/Make It.

All of this makes The Year Without a Summer one very diverse ride shifting perspectives and setting often but preserving its essence to the very end.


The EP doesn’t feel overwhelming or too much attention-consuming. However, it can become fully immersive if you allow it.

It can be the perfect background for doing different chores, a mood-setter during a nice, cosy hangout with friends or a loved one, as well as a way to escape to a different world during a hot summer day. But it can also go the other way, the easy-going vibe doesn’t mean it lacks substance – the songs tell stories about romance, heartbreak, and adventure. It is just a matter of what you want to focus on. The seven songs have the capacity to take you to so many different places with their diverse and coordinated elements – a true sign of musical proficiency.


Whether you give in to the romantic melancholy of Mattress, confessional narrative of Liya, or mystic contemplation of Blue Pill I can guarantee it will be a ride you will want to take again. The Year Without A Summer can easily turn into a go-to record for many occasions and it is not the only formidable feat of the duo.

One more spot-on track – enjoy and let me know what you think

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