Debuts in the music scene are important but also something very complicated. Having a steady concept and smoothly executing an album with refined details and deep significance is not something every upcoming band can manage to do.

My introduction to Feather Mountain and their debut Nidus was a mind-blowing experience showcasing, without a doubt, the most well-done entrance to the progressive rock scene I have ever witnessed. The band’s name is symbolic and represents unison of light and heavy, sensitive and vigorous while their first album literally translates to “a focus of infection” – the beginning of a development so to say. And it all fits too well – the deeper you go into the world of the Denmark-based masterminds the more astonishing it gets and I want to talk about it a bit.


Feather Mountain are a relatively new act in the scene. You can learn more about on their Facebook page them and support them via Bandcamp.

I have always considered progressive rock and metal an outstanding form of art. There are so many things happening in a single song of the genre it is a whole since to make it all work and sound coherent. Not to mention make it an immersive odyssey leading to a completely new world.

That’s why I highly respect acts in the scene that can pull off a whole album representing a harmonious breathtaking journey merging progressive heavy instrumentals and alluring vocal elements. Once again, thanks to the incredible network of musically (and not only) cultured friends, I got introduced to a band that recently made their debut in the progressive rock field.

I wasn’t sure what to expect since despite respecting the genre highly I still believe not many artists have discovered the way to utilize the incredible potential hidden within it. Feather Mountain fascinated me with their refreshing approach and unison of well-working contrasting elements.


Listen to Nidus. Cover artwork by Freja Ordell 

We dig deep into the universe of progressive rock, pushing the genre forward thought beautiful, yet brutal vocal arrangements and technical ingenuity which we combine in a unique expression of bliss and frustration.

We are not afraid of sounding too soft or too hard and feel the urge to integrate vulnerability and viciousness into the musical interpretation of hope, hopelessness, aggression and redemption.

This is how the band identifies their music and even though you might find it sounding bold or too confident at first playing their debut Nidus will quickly prove that this is the best way to describe Feather Mountain’s music.

Pushing the genre forward is the only way to put it – Nidus has the old-school essence of progressive rock merged with modern approaches and unique personal touches featuring meticulous attention to detail which makes the album the success it is.


I am ready to do whatever it takes to experience this as a live show opener

I find the first track of any album incredibly important – it has the power to prepare listeners for what is to come next and introduce the vibe of the album appropriately. Nidus as an opening track does exactly that and lifts the curtains for a grandiose spectacle of glory and hope with the necessary elements of devastation and turbulence.



Nidus (album) is one of the rare extremely coherent and smoothly flowing progressive pieces. It is almost impossible to distinguish when a new song begins and yet the uniqueness and individual value of each one are fully preserved.

The transition from the intro track to the second song is spectacular. It continues the mild build-up which later merges with drastically heavier elements both in terms of instrumentals and vocals.



The album takes listeners on a literal journey that starts off with a gentle extraction from reality and gradually reaches a climactic brutal thrust into a world the band has carefully constructed themselves.

The closer you listen and the more you allow yourself to entrench into the beauty of the progression the more you start to experience. Nidus is harmonious and very alien to chaos despite the presence of heavy instrumental solos – every part of the album has its purpose and is harmonized with the other elements to create a consistent soundtrack of the journey it takes you on.


Oona Olivia O’Hagan and Line K. Suenaga have utilized a unique approach of deeper individual reflection for the shooting of this video. The result is a personal representation of Feather Mountain as a band and a stunning work of art.

The essence of Nidus is simply hypnotizing – it is impossible to resist chanting the anthem-like vocals in tracks like Guilt Of The Absent or Rapture. It makes you compassionate. The energy is contaminating and I mean it when I say I find this being the best debut I have heard in years – Feather Mountain simply take you away and introduce you to the world they worked hard to construct.




Another aspect I need to mention is the beautiful incorporation of dark paths illuminated by the lighter elements to create a feeling of true thrill. The closing track Balance Act with its stunning 11-minute length is a summary of the entirety of the record.

Apart from a good wrap-up and a refreshing recap Balance Act certainly helps build anticipation towards the band’s next project. With such a solid debut, expectations are sky-high but I have the faith Feather Mountain will once again exceed them.



I personally find the bold exploration of softness and heaviness, light and dark, vulnerable and vicious in Feather Mountain’s music impactful and irresistibly charming. The instrumentals present in each song make me shiver – definitely contributing to the overall immersion which cannot be avoided.

I find Nidus and its careful and detailed execution an outstanding debut and look forward to the next project of the band. The only thing to make things better would be experiencing their music live which I can only imagine the power of. Hopefully, I will be able to try it out sometime soon.

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