A blood-pumping sound with electrifying instrumentals, well-thought lyrics that easily let you immerse in the storytelling, and equal attention to all aspects of being a high-quality music act define the band I want to talk about today.

I accidentally discovered Saint Motel thanks to YouTube’s sometimes surprisingly well-working algorithm and I was impressed by the mood the band manages to create. The mood – the energy, the vibe, the atmosphere – call it as you wish but this is undeniably the strongest weapon of the quintet. And it is worth giving in to it.



The LA-based formation has actually been in the scene for a while. I am just late to the party again.

And when I say party I mean it. After some professional testing and experimentation, I can confidently say playing Saint Motel in the morning is the best way to get your energy levels going and start your day right.

The band usually has promising openers gracefully showcasing their intention to keep spreading refreshing vibes and they always deliver.

Latest release or your new obession, classify it as you wish


The blood-pumping energy is far from the only great point Saint Motel proudly make use of. Since their establishment in 2007, the band has taken pop music as a foundation and made it feel exacting and intriguing instead of dull and repetitive.

The band can easily be classified as one of those artists that make genres seem like a blur and a distant memory. The pop foundation gracefully merges with many different influences including electronic, funk, rock, alternative, and indie. A noteworthy progression can be witnessed if you embark on a journey of exploring their vibrant and pleasant discography but some things stay the same – high-quality sound and contagious energy, for instance.


Listen to Saintmoteltelevision

Saintmoteltelevision was the first album I heard in full and it was the one that made me completely get obsessed with the band. The attention to detail in each part of expressing their art and letting people into a new world is impressive.

Sound, lyrics, execution, video, and visuals all work together to create an experience that lets the audience immerse into the story of the songs and completely get consumed by the environment the band creates.

Speaking of immersive experiences – Saintmoteltelevision is the first-ever Virtual Reality music album. Each song from the tracklist features a VR component supporting the concept of the song. The progressive and out-of-the-box thinking of Saint Motel is admirable and doesn’t stop there. They continued experimenting with emerging technologies further and in 2018 also released an augmented-reality version of the record making it once again the first of its kind.


There is not that much to tell about the ideas behind Saintmoteltelevision and the execution that followed. Most of it speaks for itself.

A lot of energy is once again present and intimate stories become alive with the alluring storytelling and interesting ways of expression.

The very first song in the tracklist starts things off quite confidently with upbeat sound featuring electronic elements and alt-pop tunes. The lyrics tell the story the band wants to recreate quite well without many hidden metaphors (even though they do exists and you can interpret the meaning in several ways). The tempo of the song contributes to an irresistible feeling to start moving (coincidentally, or maybe not, fitting the title) and it perfectly aligns with the story the song is telling.


This tendency of high energy-boosting instrumental presence and overall vibe is almost 100% preserved in the entire record. The only exception is the closing of Saintmoteltelevision – Happy Accidents.

The track has a toned-down melody contrasting the rest of the album and the explosive nature of the band. It is a good way to change things up and a fitting closer to a very lively record. The song itself presents a touching narrative about the beauty of mutual love, appreciation of “the one”, and a very interesting exploration of scenarios where things could have gone in a different way.

The whole song has a melancholic undertone but leaves listeners with internal joy and appreciation of life and all of its mysteriously working phenomena.


A lot of Saintmoteltelevision is love-inspired. Good and bad aspects of the electric feeling are thoroughly dissected during the duration of the 10 songs.

Getaway and Slow Motion strongly touch on the positives and tell stories making the butterflies in your stomach come back to life regardless of your current relationship status. Dancy vibes are fully present in the two songs and you can feel the affection with the illustrative examples, witty wordplay, and great transmission of emotion.


Destroyer, Sweet Talk, and Local Long Distance Relationship take another spin on the love theme and present not so fortunate, but equally impactful situations.

The slightly sad stories hidden within the lyrics don’t stop the band from once again exploding with punchy beats and instrumentals. They contrast the storytelling well and put listeners to a choice – enjoy the tempo and rhythm and dance their hearts out or immerse into a real-life inspired love story with a twist. Or why not do both and dance away the feelings that the lyrics unavoidably provoke?

The song leaves you with a cosy feeling, cannot deny that

Destroyer makes heartbreak reach new heights while Sweet Talk takes things towards a more bearable story of a one-sided romantic interest and somehow manages to bring out the good part in the overall negative situation.

Sweet talk
Everything you say
It sounds like
Sweet talk to my ears
You could yell
“Piss off! Won’t you stay away?”
It’ll still be
Sweet talk to my ears


Local Long Distance Relationship also falls into the category of actual stories from the real life of Saint Motel. It touches on the delicate subject of a relationship going cold and distant. The longing to improve the situation but facing the fact that relationships are a two-way effort hits hard and leaves listeners with an important (and affecting) takeaway.

A worthy candiate for the song with the biggest number of references you have heard

One of the most interesting in terms of wordplay and references songs is an indirect love song – For Elise. As some might speculate from the title of the song, it is a modern take on Beethoven’s Fur Elise. It even features the same chords remade into an electrifying rock instrumental.

The idea of the song is splendid itself – an ode to muses and inspiration featuring tones of references to popular songs about women and known muses to great artists. The arrangement is also top quality, just like every other element in the song – a beautiful tribute to inspiring people and their own inspiration.

The irresistible catchiness and the way it sticks in your mind only make it even better and display the amazing ability of Saint Motel to produce highest quality tunes.


The remaining two songs on the tracklist are also quite inspirational in their own way. You Can Be You is truly empowering with a feel-good vibe from start to end. A powerful and relevant reminder to stay true to ourselves shines bring assisted by the uplifting instrumentals.

Born Again is also an interesting song to look into as it deals with a very delicate situation and it manages to present a real life-story that is not too uncommon without judgement or overruling emotions.

It shows several sides of a situation and lets listeners judge for themselves – a really great move from Saint Motel’s side.


Saint Motel’s energy and addictive melody build-up easily turned me into a dedicated fan. Their attention to detail in each aspect of creating a musical experience is admirable and I wholeheartedly recommend taking on the journey of their discography.

A visible development will unveil and a great progression of themes and genre bending-influences will display the potential of the band. And most importantly it will make you feel good and dance away all your worries.

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