The virus situation is affecting all of us severely without exceptions. The music industry is also suffering great damage and consequences – cancelled shows and tours will be felt not only by artists but by venues, stage crew, marketing teams, and everyone else involved in the planning and execution of a live show.

While waiting for this devastating situation to resolve and life to turn back to normal some artists are using the time locked at home for creative and highly entertaining activities that help them connect with fans and keep new music coming. Today, I want to take a look at some of them.

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When this whole situation was just starting to escalate and reach critical levels the British punk-rock typhoon Yungblud was amongst the first artists to find a way to entertain his fans and get closer to them via the Internet.

Also, episode two of the Yungblud Show is announced for the 16th of April, don’t miss out

The Yungblud Show was just the start of the many creative approaches artists would find to make the best of the situation, increase their productivity levels, and connect to fans in new ways. I think this is seriously admirable and needs to be talked about.

There are too many great examples (and they keep coming) and I, unfortunately, cannot cover all of them but here are four of my personal favourite “lockdown live music shows” I highly recommend keeping an eye on.

Mike Shinoda Corona Jams – Live beat making



The man of many talents and the face of Linkin Park – Mike Shinoda has been frequently going live since the lockdown started. He also took part in a livestream react of a 2001 “almost forgotten” early Linkin Park gig together with Joe Hahn (DJ) and Dave “Phoenix” Farrell (bass) which gave fans a nostalgia overload.

Funny comments, witty remarks, and commentaries on the band’s early years and DIY tours were also part of the experience –truly heartwarming and heavily melancholic.


Mike has taken his creative process live since the 17th of March on an almost daily basis. Allowing fans to witness his beat-making process from start to end and also take part with suggestions and requests the artist has been live on each and every social media channel that allows it connecting with as many people as possible.

His “Corona Jam” sessions include creating beats inspired by different Linkin Park albums as well as music styles in general (like 90s hip-hop or 80s tunes), and recently – writing new music. A good amount of musical creativity and a warm, friendly atmosphere is always present so I highly recommend joining the next one.

Yonaka’s Saturday Night Instagram Livestreams

My favourite artist stream so far has been Yonaka’s Saturday Night livestreams on Instagram. Once a week fans are blessed with an easy-going and extremely fun hangout session with Theresa and Alex making the quarantine a real delight.

The streams include different activities every time – karaoke with fans, live Q and A’s, acoustic sessions, and incredibly fun quizzes with rewards (merchandise) for the smartest and quickest fans (two times second place, couldn’t snatch a reward). Those streams truly feel like a hangout with a friend and are super cosy and enjoyable despite only being digital.

I wholeheartedly recommend joining the next one just for the fun of it and the guaranteed laugh. Also, in case you have missed the thundering energy of Yonaka stream their debut album Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow and educate yourself this instant.

Machine Gun Kelly #LockdownSessions

The artist getting the largest amount of undeserved hate is also the one who is undeniably the most hard-working one during the lockdown (and not only). Apart from dropping new songs and videos constantly, Machine Gun Kelly has started a series of #LockdownSessions with stunning jams with various inspirations and extra originality.

The first ones were short 30-second snippets of instrumentals of all-time favourite tune like Misery Business (also turned into a full cover featuring the one and only Travis Barker) or Smells Like Teen Spirit but the spontaneous idea quickly grew into fully produced covers, remixes, and freestyles.

The diversity of styles this artist operates in is beyond respectable and I honestly think he is one of the most inspiring acts of our generation. Keep an eye for his next move as you may never guess what he is up to – a hip-hop banger, punk-rock riving track, or a new rock anthem?

One of my personal favorites

BMTH8 – Bring Me The Horizon Album Recording Documentary

This one is my favourite so far, can’t lie

Bring Me The Horizon have proved they are one of the most experimental bands of our time with their colourful discography. Being able to peek into their creative process and behind the scenes of their new album would be a real thrill, wouldn’t it?

Well, while being isolated Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish decided to put their energy into the 8th album of the band and document the process with frequent video updates for fans to enjoy. As you might expect those are highly chaotic in a beautiful way and unite a showcase of the creative process with lots of fun and jokes.

What is certain is that the next album is something to look forward to and having expectations is futile – it will be a surprise anyway.

The overflow of creativity is undeniably a breath of fresh air and a sign that we should be expecting a lot of new music after all of this madness is over. And probably a lot of tours fueled by the contained energy of both fans and artists. The unleashing will be monstrous.

What have your favourite livestreams been during this period? Which upcoming “digital shows” are you looking forward to?

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