The world was suddenly thrown into a widespread panic with the incredibly fast development of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is yet another crisis (neither the first nor the last one, seriously, wake the f*ck up we have other issues to deal with as well) humanity has to overcome and following governmental guidelines and medical advice is paramount.

Understandably, due to the complications around the disease, many artists are forced to cancel/reschedule tours in the middle of their run or just before starting them. One such artist is YUNGBLUD who was supposed to embark on The Underrated Youth Tour around North America in April. As we all should have expected this could not stop the youth’s symbol of empowerment and unity from bringing his message to the public loud and clear – in just 72 hours YUNGBLUD prepared and executed an admirably entertaining and energetic live show on YouTube with the fitting title Sh*t’s Weird Keep Calm and Carry On. I think this is something we have to talk about.


I have said it before and I will keep saying it every time I get the chance – YUNGBLUD is one of the most influential and relevant artists in modern days. If you are familiar with that particular Englishman you should be perfectly aware live shows are where he truly thrives and brings the best of himself.

The whole personality of YUNGBLUD is something that really fills me up with hope and fascination for the world of music. The artist explores some extremely delicate but relevant topic in socio-political aspects as well as intimate and personal reflections regarding metal health, traumas, love-related subjects, and individual empowerment and appreciation.

There is no denying his music touches hearts and resonates with millions of people worldwide. The Black Hearts Club are a living example for it and the relationship the artist manages to maintain with them is the strongest I have seen any public figure reach with their followers.

Considering all of those elements it should come as no surprise that the passionate musician decided to compensate on the postponing of the tour with a livestream concert broadcasted on YouTube. In just 72 hours the collective effort of YUNGBLUD and his creative team managed to orchestrate something phenomenal and not only deliver a quality performance of some of his best songs but also entertain the audience with different gigs and guest appearances from the likes of Oliver Tree, Machine Gun Kelly, and Bella Thorne.

You can watch the recording of the show and feel part of the amazing energy that was present and shared with millions of viewers worldwide


THE YUNGBLUD SHOW – Sh*t’s weird, Keep Calm and Carry On was broadcasted on the 16th of March quickly made the artist the most trending discussion on Twitter. Despite definitely not being flawless and having much room for improvement it was one hell of a spectacle.

Thousands of fans gathered in the World Wide Web and proved that nothing can stop the artist from helping people have a good time regardless of the situation. What is more, people decided to simulate the live experience accordingly and spammed the Internet with photos of their concert outfits and line numbers waiting for a barricade spot. It was just like a regular YUNGBLUD live show and all of us were united on his YouTube channel witnessing the magic from the comfort of our homes.


Fans even created a ticket for the show so they can print them and add to their collection of concert souvenirs. It was created by @hvintagestyles


And I have to say everything worked out quite well. My initial instinct was “in the end, this is just a recording of him performing by himself, isn’t it” but I was proved wrong in a matter of seconds.

Once YUNGBLUD appeared his overwhelming energy and dedication took over and you could feel you would become part of the show in some way. During his energetic and sweaty performance of absolute bangers like Anarchist, Machinegun, I Love You Will You Marry Me and others the artist kept provoking viewers to “get those hands up in your bedroom or wherever the f*ck you are”, “jump on the table and bounce with me”, and immerse themselves in the spectacle that was constantly unveiling on their screens.

I have to admit the mood was quite similar to his actual totally ecstatic live shows – the only difference was that the hundredths of other overhyped supporters were not within an arm’s reach ready to initiate one of the bounciest circle pits you have seen in your life. YUNGBLUD’s gestures, his passion, his vocal and instrumental performance were spot on and the trademarked feelings of belonging, warmth, and overflowing love were present full power.


Somehow YUNGBLUD managed to do the unimaginable and create the atmosphere of a wild live show with a simple broadcast from an almost empty studio.

Almost empty because apart from his amazing production team other appearances made the show worthwhile and brought different forms of entertainment. After the smashing opener Parents, blood-pumping Anarchist, and Loner for a killer start we were introduced to Oliver Tree’s cooking show.

The bizarre persona did a great gig by introducing us to an unexpected “face sanitation tutorial” and displaying admirable cooking skills with flaming hot Cheetos pancakes and a “Super Special Smoothie” also known as “Mystery Milkshake” which consisted of a mix between Slim Jim (replacing bacon), corn nuts, marshmallows, and some vodka.


I Love You Will You Marry Me followed by a touching speech about how much the artist values his fans and owes them his life then Casual Sabotage and we were back to the guests. This time Bella Thorne was participating in a drinking game together with Mr Machine Gun Kelly (who was fashionably late). The gig was hilarious with fun questions and lots of Corona chugging.

Naturally, we got the pleasure of seeing I Think I’m Okay performed by the dynamic punk-rock/rap-rock duo and it was as impressive as it will always be when those two are on stage together. Original Me matched the mood as a follow-up song and we got the chance for a live Q and A which allowed YUNGBLUD to answer interesting questions like the name of the song he would like to make with all the guests appearing on the show today (it is “Weed (for Oliver), Bad Bitches (for Bella), and Best Buds (for MGK)” in case you are interested) or the weirdest gifts he has received by fans (an almost smashed cake in the shape of his face).

The show concluded with more heartfelt speeches of love and empowerment followed by Braindead, Hope For The Underrated Youth, and Machinegun (and yes, indeed, Machine Gun Kelly did crash the performance and it made it even better).


This livestream was not just a display of quality music and entertainment. It was created to raise awareness that togetherness and unity make us strong. To show us that nothing can take our unwavering bond away and no challenge is impossible if we stand together. Once again YUNGBLUD’s efforts go beyond music and give a glimmer of hope in the face of a powerful reminder about our current situation.

The virus outbreak is something we should take extremely seriously and deal with as soon as possible. We have an environmental crisis with devastating effects, global injustice and inequality, world hunger, and other diseases to tackle as well so the wisest thing we can currently do is put the individualistic mindses and unjustified belief claiming “I know best” behind. The sooner we act and the more united we are the faster this war will be won so let’s just get to it.

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