There is one artist I never thought I would talk about in a dedicated blog post. However, what seemed ridiculous and almost a joke at first slowly shaped into music I started appreciating despite the comical aspect and the focus on entertainment more than substance. 

The time has come to finally plunge all-in into the weird, unique, and totally unpredictable world of the professional rap superstar – Tommy Cash.  



The Estonian rapper is someone I had a very hard time taking seriously. The first few times I encountered his music I didn’t even dare to think there might be some type of hidden beauty in it even though I found it highly entertaining.

I started understanding his ideas and the purpose of his work after ending up at one of his live shows. I got immersed into something I had not experienced before. A weirdly satisfying and energy overflowing explosion of East European dubstep motives with heavily accented vocals, mesmerizing visuals shifting between psychedelic visions caused by hardcore drugs, semi-pornographic cutscenes, and snippets of reality.



I had a blast during this shockingly unusual experience and so did hundredths of other people around me (I am currently eagerly waiting to get the chance to see this man again). It was like a mass psychosis and Tommy Cash was the drug that caused it.

The artist manages to maintain a stage persona that is extremely cocky and confident, which combined with the mesmerizing visuals and insanely strong beats, makes one hell of an experience. To make it better Tommy Cash has one of the most distinctive, bizarre yet strangely well-working styles and aesthetics I have seen.


My personal favorite

Apart from the signature hairstyle and mustache, the artist chooses his clothes as if he has taken a quick look in future fashion trends which seem highly unlikely to ever make it to the masses. He combines that with urban influences and simple everyday clothing. You can witness the display of grace and exquisite taste in his music videos and social media. During a live show things might change drastically and if you are lucky enough you will see him wearing nothing but a fanny pack, neon shorts, and crocks.

It is definitely a style that will make you remember him for a long time.


Latest release!

You can never be sure what will happen next at his set – a speech thanking “nobody but myself”, taking an unexpected break and reappearing with a bang, and let’s not forget the appealing choreography combining popping and distinctive original moves (Cash has the background of a dancer which is evident in some of his videos).

Maybe those elements wouldn’t work so well by themselves. But so much weirdness and surprising twists combined into one massive art project make the magic do its thing.


Low quality teaser only, sorry

After I witnessed that fateful live show I got irreversibly hooked to Tommy’s art and it just won’t let me go. I keep coming back to the earth-shattering beats drawing inspiration from different EDM movements infused with slav energy. It just fills me up in a magical way.

His music is as bizarre as his whole artistic persona but there are a lot praiseworthy things if you look close enough.

Cash delves into interesting elements and combines different aspects to create something unique and impressively entertaining. Trance, dubstep, techno, slavic and pop culture are all evident influences of his work. The creative mind develops concepts which are out of the ordinary and invoke a shocking effect that makes you want to see more and try to make some sense out of it.



His lyrical content makes things even more interesting to look into as it often makes little sense and yet it contains moments of surprising wisdom and weird connections to real life events.

With two full-length albums and a dozen features the discography of the artist is very intriguing and will most likely leave you gasping for air. It is a plesant explosion of elements – wild beats, distinctive voice and accent, mind-shattering videos, and one-of- a-kind style will turn your world upside down.

Rare interview where Tommy Cash is actually serious and explains his art

I sincerely recommend checking Tommy out if you dared to underestimate him. I do believe he is underrated – what he is doing is exploring a side of art not many people dare to enter. And he is doing it with all of his creativity set in motion, limits taken out of the picture, and taboos challenged full-power.

You might as well get  addicted to the unique art and his twisted world once you approach it with an open mind. I wish you a nice trip.

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