A while back I used Kerrang’s Birth School Rock Death format for a post talking about different music prompts. It was super fun for me to look at different parts of the music that shaped my identity, go back to some of the first songs I heard and the ones that made the most impact in my life.

Unfortunately, I am finding myself lost for inspiration for posts different than the overwhelming amount of album reviews I want to write. While working on some more interviews (hopefully going to confirm them soon) and searching for an interesting type of content I am once again taking the chance to do a fun music tag. The prompts are provided by Alternative Press this time (issue 355, February 2018) and they will be taking me into a different side of my music identity.


If I could join a band it would be

After a lot of consideration and daydreaming I decided I am going to look at the “realistically”.

I have absolutely 0 musical talents of any sort – my singing scares people away and there is no instrument I can tame. I really want to learn to play the drums but my sense of rhythm is so bad it would be nearly impossible (I have tried drumming with chopsticks on my desk and I created a different song instead of following what I wanted).

I used to attempt playing the harmonica a few years ago, that also didn’t go well. And the few times my guitar-playing friends tried to teach me basic things about it I surprised them with superior incompetence and disorientation. So I don’t think I can fit any band as an official member.

Therefore, realistically speaking, I think there is only one formation I would want to join. I wouldn’t feel completely useless and I can manage to find something I can do that has musical value (probably some sort of back vocals saying “ugh, yeah, yeah, yeah” or writing lyrics). The band in question is with roughly 14 members and seems to be most open for new additions – BROCKHAMPTON.

Also, they seem super fun to be around and their music is seriously good. The energy around them (based on interviews and videos on their channel) looks like a very enjoyable atmosphere. Check them out if you reside under a rock or some other place with no access to high-quality hip-hop with attitude.

The last album I listened to from front to back


Take A Bite by Holy Moly and The Crackers

I discovered Holy Moly and The Crackers thanks to an ad on Instagram (for a show I cannot attend, of course). I got attracted to the description of the band’s sound and energy as “manic, riotous, reinvention of rock music energetically blended with various different influences to create a beautiful mess of musical entertainment”.

I don’t think I have seen someone describe the music of a band so accurately before. I played a few tracks and I got instantly hooked. So much energy, passion, and creativity were radiating from what I heard it was hard to stop myself from exploring their full discography.

That’s how I eventually ended up listening to their latest – Take A Bite in full. I would have a hard time confidently naming it as their best since I listened to absolutely everything they have produced and tracks are pleasantly mixed up in my head. All I can say is it is a great album and Holy Moly and The Crackers are definitely a formation you need to check out asap.

One more of those bands proving genre classification will soon be extinct by merging numerous influences in their unique music. Elements of rock, folk, indie, jazz, soul, and blues can be easily spotted in the midst of the energy overflow as well as brilliant lyrics and playful attitude.

A different type of song for the band yet one of my absolute favorites

A song I want to slow dance to

I am torn between two picks here and I cannot reach a consensus. Both are songs I can imagine completely losing myself in with the right partner and I think they are the best choices for slow dancing in my playlist.

The first one is the almighty classic – Slow Dancing in A Burning Room by John Mayer. Mayer is a proven musical genius and in this song is a bullet of emotion and passion that will make your soft side take control regardless of how you felt moments before you played it. It is magically beautiful.


My other choice holds similar power in my heart and invokes feelings I can hardly explain but I always associate with a proper slow dance with the right partner. Two of The Lucky Ones by The Droge and Summers Blend has the melancholically relaxing and comforting atmosphere that simply urges you to either slow dance or close your eyes and enter a different, much better, world.


A song I want to crowd surf to

There is one song that I always imagine myself crowd surf to ever since the first time I heard it. With one of the most agitating, inspirational, and energetic choruses Beartooth’s Beaten In Lips makes me want to lose my sh*t every single time.

The song is the perfect balance between aggression and uplifting motivation. Addressing an important issue and including empowering lines united under chaotic, compelling screams and aggressive instrumentals it is one of those rare metalcore gems you cannot resist to fall in love with.

I saw Beartooth once but at that time I had no idea who they are and I only managed to catch a glimpse of their phenomenal energy and performance. Would love to see them again and crowd surf properly during one of those killer tracks they have in stock for sure.


The bands I must see

That’s an interesting one. I consider myself very lucky since I have had the chance of seeing most of my favorite artists live and I also discovered a lot of incredible musicians thanks to live shows.

As I have said before I think live music brings the art to a new, higher, more touching level. I will keep taking every chance I have to see an artist whose work I love.

All of the bands I have seen so far have made stunning live shows and brought their art on another level making it possible for the audience to take part of the show and feel that it would not be possible without us. I would definitely see every one of the shows I have been part of again without a moment of hesitation.

The list of bands I want to see (and haven’t done it yet) is endless so I will stick to three choices for this one.

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the bands I highly look up to and whose music I truly love yet I never had the chance to experience live yet. The synergy and dynamics of the band are phenomenal and their music is undisputedly a proved classic – example of highest quality rock music.

Preserving the roots of rock and roll and implementing modern elements and the band’s own trademark instrumentals and specific vocal stuns Red Hot Chili Peppers are probably one of the best active bands of our generation. Seeing them would be an ecstatic experience without a doubt and I truly hope I get a chance to do it one day.



YONAKA keep growing on me more and more since I discovered them last year. I missed their tour once (it ended a month or two before I got into the band) and I am eagerly waiting for their return in European destinations so I can experience the stunning modern rock empowerment first-hand.

I get an electrifying rush of energy and I feel like I can listen to Theresa Jarvis sing 24/7 so they are definitely on the top of my asap must-see bands list.

Anderson Paak

For my third choice, I will go with the hip-hop performer who I see as one of the most intriguing phenomena currently in the scene.

Anderson Paak is an incredible artist in all aspects of the word and his creativity and passion are probably even stronger during live shows. I have seen a lot of footage and his never-ending eruptions of adrenaline are something I really want to see. Also, his drumming is sick and live shows are one of the rare chances to see that in full-on action.

Paak’s hip-hop is revolutionary in the sense that it pays homage to the roots of the movements and has the essence of what defined it. At the same time, the artist is not afraid to push boundaries and experiment in different fields (Ventura is a great example of that). Progressive thinking, evident passion, endless creativity, and the true spirit of a top-class artist are part of Anderson Paak to the core. His lyrics, beats, and delivery merged with incredible storytelling a just another great part.

Lyrics I want to get tattooed on me

Nine times out of ten I get it wrong

Small Worlds has absolutely killer lyrics from start to end – always makes me get lost in contemplation about my own life and choices

The lyrics I want tattooed are from Mac Miller’s Small Worlds and represent the opening line of verse number three (one of the sickest transitions ever)

It is a small part of a bigger message. For me personally, it represents the idea of holding yourself together despite making mistakes on the way and using the latter as a foundation of self-development and progress.

Mac was an incredible artist but what I admired even more than his hard work and clear passion for music was his extreme self-awareness and the way he managed to remain grounded despite all the crazy stuff happening in his life.

The way he used negativity and struggles, as well as misfortunes caused by his own actions, to improve himself is something I highly look up to. Something I am very far from but I strive to get closer to every day. That is what those lyrics mean to me – a very strong reminder of how to handle life’s dark days. Maybe I should really get it already.


The music-related prompts end here. I think they were quite fun to look into and present an interesting aspect of music preferences I haven’t talked about before. Writing this also made me understand parts of my music taste better in a playful and easy-going way.

Alternative Press had three more prompts suggested and they have nothing to do with music. Since I feel like having this post all about music might be slightly overwhelming (and considering the majority of my content as well) I decided to put those in as well. Also, I think it will be a nice way to tell you something extra about my taste and interests.

The shows I want to watch


I am not going to stick to the headlines stricktly, just so you know

I am having a blast watching the new season of Sex Education right now. The humor is just the best and the relatability makes the show absolutely irresistible. Also, the acting is surprisingly good considering the awkward and very specific roles the cast has to represent.

I really want to finish Vikings as well. I reached season 4 and decided to take a break to catch up with the new seasons of shows I started some time ago. Anyway, so far I am in love with the series – historical accuracy, hints of supernatural, intense battles, great storyline and unexpected plot twists make it really captivating. What is more, the show has some really interesting characters and intense development that makes you addicted easily.

I highly recommend those two based on what I have seen so far. What I haven’t started yet but I am highly interested in is Castle Rock – the psychological horror based on stories, characters, and themes seen in Stephen King‘s writing.

Those of you who know me are aware that I am a huge fan of King‘s work and an avid adversary of movie adaptions based on it. However, Castle Rock is not an adaption in the typical sense of the word. As far as I know, it is loosely based on the universe King has created and features different elements in a completely new storyline. This gives me hope there is some potential in it and I also see a lot of good reviews.

Witnessing different King characters and trying to spot the references included is something that attracts me to the series as well and I plan to start it asap.

One more I want to mention is the new season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – the series that impressed me with creative twists and additions of horror elements implemented surprisingly well in the original story.

Last season ended up by setting up a great possibility for a new storyline with admirable potential and I am highly interested in seeing if it will live up to my expectations or not.

The books I must read

The list of the books I want to read is probably about the same length as the one with the bands I must see – never-ending. So, once again I will stick to the top three titles in my list that have been there the longest.

The Outsiders – S. E. Hinton



The Outsiders is an old classic with a controversial history of being rejected due to its unfiltered honesty. I am a bit ashamed I have not read yet and even more that I discovered it just a year or so ago.

However, I am convinced it has a lot of value and great writing included. The summary of the story is already captivating enough and I have made it my goal to find and read it asap.




Dark Matter – Michelle Paver


Dark Matter by Michelle Paver is the last one I want to mention here. This is the author who got me into reading when I was a kid with her series The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. The six books in the series are still something I consider my favorite literature and I think the story is extremely original and well-developed mix of history, mythology, and supernatural elements.

I loved the books and I have wanted to read some of Paver’s mature novels for the longest time yet I never got to it for some reason. Dark Matter is one of the books I have high hopes for and the thrilling mind games that are said to be present in the storyline make me excited to read what it is all about.

Limit Yourself and Unleash Your Creativity – Ralph Burkhardt


I stumbled upon this entrancing little yellow book at my job. It was purchased to inspire a strategy we have now successfully implemented and by reading the summary and skimming through the first three chapters I got convinced the book makes some good points worth looking into.

I am typically not a fan of self-help books and I find them full with bullshitting around obvious advice. The Ralph Burkhardt manifesto, however is constructed around a controversial idea of limiting yourself instead of removing all constraints and going full-on condition-free when designing or working on any type of creative project. The idea might seem counterintuitive to people in the field of innovation and creative arts at first but I ensure you the book makes good points. Setting guidelines and sticking to some form of limits challenges you way more and can lead to very ingenious results.

I only managed to scratch the surface of the book and I really want to get it for myself and keep it as a reminder for the days when creative blocks get the best of me.

The movies I must see


I am terrible with movies even tho I love this form of art. I can hardly sit down by myself and watch a movie alone so the best way to make me watch something is to watch it with me.

With this being said – I don’t consider myself a very cinema-literate person. There are some movies I want to see and plan to do when the mood strikes me unexpectedly but don’t think I have anything grand on my list.

The one at the top of my list is Call Me By Your Name. I know absolutely nothing about it – no storyline, characters, or actors and the reason is I was told it is a magnificent piece of art but reading anything about it would spoil the experience. Therefore I am trying very hard not to see anything about it and I plan to watch it the very first moment I feel like seeing a movie.

Another one I have set my eyes to based on a recommendation is Shoplifters. The movie looks like a captivating drama exploring the unavoidable resolve to crime and undisputed loyalty that surrounds communities longing for a place to belong.

I also think it is high time to finish my odyssey on the How To Train Your Dragon and my re-watching initiative for Back To The Future. I have reached the last movie to both franchises and I loved everything I have seen so far so I am excited to see how they end (I have watched Back To The Future very long time ago and I don’t remember anything, I only have a residual feeling of amazement and warmth) but at the same time, I don’t want to end those adventures.

The final one at the top of my list is Memento – a movie I found thanks to a YouTube video analyzing tattoos from movies. I find the storyline and all the suspense/mystery elements very attractive and I am looking forward to seeing the details around it.


Thank you for reading my ramblings, I hope it was fun for you, not just for me.

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