When it comes to experimentation and unexpected shifts Bring Me The Horizon are one of the leaders in the chart. After the thought-provoking Ludens and the statement of the band that they want to focus on producing lots of music united in EPs capturing on-the-spot inspiration speculations quickly started circulating. 

Howeverno one could have been prepared for dropped on us on the 27th of December – a splendid collection of songs that will make you feel like you are on hardcore drugs and yet shine with great execution and noteworthy messages.


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If you thought That’s The Spirit or Amo were a change of style for the British rock giants GO TO (this title will be used for the sake of the article) will prove that this band is all about breaking boundaries and exploring various influences.

Inspired by different music genres and even more diverse feelings (and probably the use of hard drugs) the EP is a wild ride in the most powerful and accurate way possible.

This is not only an experimentation project. It also has a strong connection to Amo – the record which started the year for the band. Some of the topics in the two albums overlap and there is a clear similarity in the beats, instrumentals, energy, and lyrical fragments.


The very start of the EP has hints from I Apologize If You Feel Something in both lyrics and instrumental structure.

There are elements of trap and the lyrics are fragmented putting the focus on the beats and the overall feel of the song. Starting as a perfect introduction of GO TO, Steal Something also features jazz instrumentals at its end which make it even more enjoyable and emphasize the diversity of genres the band wants to experiment in.

The minimum use of words, however, is enough to invoke strong emotions and transmit the point of the record while hinting how Amo came to be what it is today.



Most of the tracks on the EP are quite lengthy (with Underground Big holding the record with its 24 minutes of madness) and shift moods, beats, and thematics often. Candy Truck is probably the one that will make you feel high the most – everything about it is focused around a trippy vibe.

The song seemingly features instrumentals very similar to tracks from Amo (Ouch f.x) and the lyrics gracefully touch change and address experimentation.

The track is splendid with all the shifts and tweaks – starting as something you can hear at 4 am in a night club, going through rhythmic progression and gentle singing and ending with a calm and relaxing solo instrumental.


I think it’s important to note GO TO is quite well-constructed. When I first heard it I wasn’t really sure how I feel about it, however, the more I replayed it the more it grew on me. I easily started appreciating it for its braveness and beautiful chaos.

But if you listen carefully you will notice that as chaotic as it seems the album was actually arranged very well. I am sure there were a lot more “psychedelic” tracks swimming around the band’s inventory but they chose the ones which would showcase their ideas and messages the best.

Between the trippy and constantly changing journeys of Candy Truck and ¿ we have a short, beautiful break in the face of A Devastating Liberation. The song unveils a calm and steady orchestral instrumental which strongly contrasts the distorted and chaotic melodies in the rest of the EP.


GO TO also finally allowed us to taste the collaboration with the pop-punk queen Halsey which the band teased back in July. This was highly anticipated for a reason and everything about the song fits the female artist to perfection.

The relation to Amo is once again obvious – the song is a direct reflection of In The Dark. It talks about a relationship gone bad with a strong emotional impact. Halsey’s ability to make sad love songs painfully relatable merges very well with the causality which Bring Me The Horizon use for the occasion to create a stunning result.

The song has good instrumental breaks and a fragmented structure and this once again contributes to the desired effect.


The star of GO TO and without a doubt the most discussed song on the record is Underground Big.  This is the most distorted and “drug-infused” piece the band has been involved in. The collaboration with hip-hop performer BEXEY and metal formation Lotus Eater is literally going places and in the length of 24 minutes, the artists go through several stages and discussions.

The song itself is around 6 minutes long and features grime, rap, and deathcore elements overlaid with hardcore trap beats and breaks. Interesting references and a mix of styles with constant changes which will not let you stay at one place as you listen – a great start.

What follows for the rest 18 minutes is a monologue by Oliver Sykes on top of a monotone repetitive beat. If you trust the frontman and allow yourself to get completely engulfed in his “trip” you can see some good points being made.

The whole monologue has the vibe of a mantra – a form of hypnosis even. The existential topics, the essence of life, the direction of humanity, creativity and passion, as well as many more interesting topics are explored. Oli also doesn’t miss to point out how cliché all of that is and if you have ever been high you will get a powerful flashback (I can only try to imagine what it is like to listen to this while you are actually high, maybe it’s worth a shot).


The Amo vibes return with Like Dead Spiders… Another song signaling the unfortunate end of a relationship overflowing with melancholy and nostalgia that once again invokes a powerful mix of emotions in the listener. The lyrics are fragmented yet carefully chosen to express the feelings talked about as accurately as possible.

The chorus is simply addictive and the end of the song takes a smooth turn in terms of feel and vibe to prepare us for the next act of the GO TO ride.


The state of the world and the self-destructive direction of humanity are explored closer in Dead Dolphin Sounds

I’m so lonely, I can’t take it
It’s too much to bear
There’s dead dolphins in the ocean
No one seems to care

The trippy beats and a conversation between Oli and his wife (using the artistic name Toriel)  are present to make the song fit the EP and once again have their purpose in the arrangement of the track.


The final song in GO TO is a collaboration that has been my personal dream ever since I heard YONAKA. The band’s part is splendid and Theresa Jarvis‘s voice fits the idea and execution of the song suspiciously well.

YONAKA’s feel is preserved and the contribution of Bring Me The Horizon is evident. A clear message with genius lyrics, contemporary beats, and powerful instrumentals merge with distorted effects and mid-sentence transitions.

A lot of unexpected things happen on this track but they are all great and the feeling it expresses is on point. The theme is once again love-related and typically for YONAKA, there is a touch of self-doubt and anxiety/paranoia involved.

Death-defying decisions
Are the only ones that make my temper glisten
So play me like a xylophone (I’m not fu–)
I’m sorry, but you got it twisted (So dra–)


GO TO was probably the most unexpected release a band like Bring Me The Horizon could have given their fans. But this doesn’t mean it is not satisfying.

I find the EP very well made – the experimentation of the band has reached a new level which only means they will be tapping into more and more genres and influences for the future.

A bold combination of new and exciting sounds and themes make up a great tracklist with lots of twists and game-changing combinations. It can get a bit repetitive at times but the fact that the band allowed themselves to get completely guided by the spontaneous flow of inspiration and interesting ideas is really admirable. The boys once again proved that they are a band that is worth keeping a close eye on and making speculations about their music is pointless. Well done lads!

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