In my desperate attempts to find a different type of format for my next blog post I resorted to an age-old 100% tested method. Creative theft.

While brainstorming for ideas which led me nowhere I decided to check an old Kerrang! issue I have and I got inspired to do my own round of Birth, School, Rock, Death interview. Or at least for the prompts which apply to me. I hope you enjoy this quick “music tag”.


The first song I remember hearing


Now, I am assuming Pokémon and Beyblade’s themes do not count for this category. I am going with a 100% honest answer which I was slightly amused to discover.

Having to go back to the very first song I remember hearing was actually not that easy. After some thought and consideration, I started getting flashbacks with parts of the video supporting my very first music encounter.  Then came some of the melody and finally the chorus which cracked the nut and made me laugh a bit. I was slightly shocked to find out it was Wannabe by Spice Girls but when I thought about it more it made perfect sense.

Growing up I spent a lot of time around my cousin who is twelve years older than me. This means she was at the peak of her teenage years when I was still a child. I clearly remember her obsession with 90’s pop music – her old room had the Spice Girls, Madonna, and Ricky Martin posters up until a few years ago. I guess she is responsible for my first interaction with music and the reason Spice Girls took my music virginity.

Now that I listen to the song after such a long time I actually get a warm cozy feeling which brings me back to my early childhood. And let’s be honest the song is not bad for a 90’s pop hit – it’s actually really catchy and has some sort of substance and good melody construction.

The song that reminds me of my childhood


This is probably not a single person from my generation who hasn’t screamed this song full-power during his/her childhood or who hasn’t at least listened to it on a regular basis.

When I think about songs that me and my friends blasted continuously without necessarily knowing the meaning behind them Last Resort takes to top spot. This is the track which accompanied me for the majority of my childhood and I still get the same feeling I got back then when I listen to it now – an uncontrollable rush of energy and adrenaline and a strong urge to scream and jump.

I’m quite sure this track will live forever.

The song that picks me up when I’m down


That is actually a hard choice because I have a few.

I am going with this particular one since it has never failed to make me feel better regardless of the situation. The amount of positivity and truthful reminders it contains is incredible and the powerful messages always manage to lift me up.

The lively, uplifting beat and melody also contribute to this effect and make the song a real gem. Bliss N Eso in general are my go-to whenever I’m feeling down and so far they have always managed to make things better.

Maybe it is about their on-point reminders, maybe the inspirational lyrics, or even with their incredible beats and ways of delivery – or maybe it’s the combination of all those killer elements. The band is just an energy ball of positivity and inspiration.

I hope this helps you when your under the thumb
Feel like nothing can save you
When feel like jumping the gun
Stop relax and remember even in the first weather
You’ll find a way cross there be brighter days honest

Honorable mention


I just have to put this one here as it has also helped me greatly during my desperate times (and it still does the job flawlessly). The rawness of the acoustic guitars and Chester’s unfiltered voice combined with the resonating lyrics holding such comfort and reassuring make it one of the most powerful songs I have heard.

The song I sing in the shower


I don’t have a specific song I sing every time I take a shower and singing is probably not the right term. However, I definitely hum different songs every time I take a bath. It can greatly vary in terms of genre and artists and strongly depends on the mood I am in and what I have been listening to recently.

The last one I had in my mind and hummed intensively was Scream by Saint Phnx. As my latest punk-rock obsession I often replay their songs and the catchiness and addictive choruses make it easy to turn the songs into a go-to shower concert setlist.

The band is phenomenal and their punk-rock energy is overflowing, check them out if you haven’t already.

The song that makes me get in the pit


This song is simply irresistible when it comes to mosh pits. Everything about it is designed to make you scream, push, and let out your excess aggression out – the incredibly energetic and heavy instrumentals at the start, the aggressive and provocative vocals, the damn growl and peak of energy near the end of the song just fill you up to the maximum.

I feel like agitated Oli is capable of starting a riot during a live show (I’m pretty sure he is) and the energy of the band is on another level when they play those types of tracks. This song together with Antivist is the perfect mosh-pit starter and it was actually the first song I moshed to and almost died. Priceless.

The song that reminds me of my first love


This one has stuck with me since the very first time I heard it and associated it with my first love.

It is extremely powerful for me – heartfelt and touching with vocals and melody expressing emotion on a very high level.

It brings back bittersweet memories which I now look back at with a smile. The lyrics and the overall execution are top-level as well – something you would expect from Thousand Foot Krutch.

The song I want played at my funeral


I have thought about this one a lot as well. I have no idea if it is normal or not but I really considered my funeral song a lot on several occasions as I find it very important. After all, this is your final track – the one which has to sum up your life, send a final message, or make people remember you every time they hear it. You don’t want to fuck this up.

I have changed my mind about my choice a lot of times while growing up and shifting my perspectives and beliefs.

I think the best choice so far is my current one – Ride by Twenty One Pilots. Everything about it seems like a good decision in my eyes.

The lyrics sum-up life very, very well and send a message I would like more people to hear and think about. It is simple but highly thought-provoking and I find it very relatable (I’m sure it’s not just me). The tone and melody of the song contrast the somehow dark and serious lyrics with upbeat, jolly energy and this just makes it the perfect funeral song. I think this time my choice will stay for a while.



This post started as a form of light content to bring some diversity in my overwhelming reviews. However, thinking about each prompt and going back at my life and the music that surrounded specific moments of my development was not only fun but insightful as well.

We don’t always notice how much things have changed for a few years and we rarely stop to think about it. But I think we should, I think it is important to reflect and learn from the past. And as silly as it sounds this quick music tag helped me realize it.

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