A charming Scottish duo, a powerful combination of energizing contemporary punk-rock sound, thought-provoking lyrics, uplifting melodies, and empowering inspirational choruses. Mix in great illustrative videos and energy that will keep you going the whole day and you get Saint PHNX.



Two brothers from Scottland with exceptional synergy and dynamics

Saint PHNX is without a doubt my favorite discovery for 2019 (sorry Yonaka) and their music will keep my energy well taken care of without fail for quite some time.

They are one of the bands which I discovered thanks to another artist. And this is something I want to take a moment and appreciate – big acts in the scene taking the time to carefully choose the right support for their shows and give exposure and audience to other hard-working and relevant artists is incredible.

Well, I can confidently say that Saint PHNX were the most fitting and well-working support for any show I have seen so far (and I have seen a lot). And let me tell you –their job was not easy.

They were supporting fooking Yungblud whose ecstatic, contaminating energy is extremely hard to match. Both artists had surprisingly similar thought-provoking topics explored in their music, as well as crushing punk-rock sound which is equally energizing. The combination of support-main act was next level for sure.

Saint PHNX not only matched the British legend but almost outdid him. They went out in front of a crowd filled with die-hard Black Hearts Club members who had waited for hours in the cold and rain of Denmark to see their idol.

You can probably imagine the tension and impatience at the venue. It took only a few songs to turn this crowd into a long-lasting fanbase for the Scottish act and during the chorus of Nunchuk  you could already hear the crowd singing louder than Stevie Jukes.

(the song with most addictive chorus you will hear in your life)
Also part of a bigger concept which I talk about later

Their live performance was incredible from start to finish – they managed to hype the crowd in a way I rarely see, they had goofy jokes and lots of crowd interaction, there were singalongs, there were group hugs, there were stage dives.

It was definitely seeing them perform in front of me (and letting me join the collective effort of chanting the empowering words with them) that kick-started the magic. Nonetheless, diving into their discography also proved to be a worthwhile experience which I wholeheartedly recommend.


Saint PHNX has a distinctive feel to their music and you can almost immediately tell its them when you play a song. At first you might get a nostalgic breeze of Imagine Dragons Night Visions era vibes but the unmistakable explosion of punk-rock energy and addictive choruses are impossible to miss. And, trust me, you will fall in love easily.

The band has only around a dozen songs but you can tell they have something to say and they know how to do it. The potential to become the next phenomenon in the scene is evident.


A common reoccurring topic in their music is the balance of sanity. They talk about finding your way in life and staying true to yourself while navigating through all the negativity surrounding our world and society.

Saint PHNX will bombard you with energizing instrumentals and uplifting melodies contrasting to the sometimes dark lyrics. Nevertheless, anything they say is on point – the various aspects of life, change, and all the ups and downs surrounding each and every one of us.

One of my favorites!

Struggles with mental health, oppression, and finding strength and will to live are well explored but this doesn’t mean the band’s music is pure emo.

The inspirational and motivating lyrics are always hidden between the lines and songs like One, for example, bring this aspect on the front.

It is an empowering song about living life to the fullest and enjoying every second surrounded by a comforting and reassuring vibe that everything turns out alright in the end.


Aspects of love and relationships fly around their discography as well and find their perfect place in the established theme of the journey of life. Saint PHNX pays attention to both good and bad – just like it should be. Life is not a straight line and we must learn to thrive surrounded by both positives and negatives. The band transmits this well and calls for passion, perseverance, and understanding in our society – something we desperately need.

In this regard, I want to recommend checking out several songs and videos in a particualar order. Death of me, Deadman, Sorry, and Nunchuk  – four songs that are connected in a perspective-shifting way and tell an illustrative  and touching story (also have a drastically different sound).The videos compliment each other to form a short movie which illustrates the concept even better – it’s a must see.


The most recognizable thing about the band is definitely their thundering punk-rock sound united with their amazing synergy. You can tell their attitude towards music is exactly what it needs to be – filled with passion, balance of serious topics and goofy stage persistence, and energy which is out of this world. Their songs are an absolutely guaranteed eargasm and their real-life inspired themes just make it even more intriguing.

The best part is Saint PHNX are just getting started and the boys are yet to experience the peak of their creativity and potential. I can’t wait to see that happen and I will definitely be following them closely.

A pretty cool cover, I have to say

By the way, Saint PHNX are going on tour at the beginning of 2020 and trust me their shows are an experience you will certainly enjoy a lot. It is a real pleasure to soak in the energy, passion, and incredible music together with numerous strangers who have the same love for quality punk-rock as you do. You will be engulfed in love, motivation, and high dopamine levels (spoiler: get ready for group hugs).

Check their discography on Spotify and get hyped for a great live show!


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