After writing a post concluding 2019 in terms of music I took a look at some of the upcoming releases scheduled for 2020. It looks like another promising year for music just from the few confirmed albums in the works and I couldn’t help myself but dedicate a post to that.

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There are always some pleasantly surprising releases each year but 2020 is already looking bright. Some artists and bands have officially announced release dates and teased fans to make things even more exciting.

Others have just mentioned they are back in the studio or their ambitions to put out new music in the upcoming year. In any case, there is quite a lot to look forward to regardless of what genre of music best suits your taste.

Here is my list of most anticipated upcoming albums for 2020.

Halsey – Manic (17th of January)


I spotted Halsey during her Badlands era and easily fell in love with her music, style, and way of expression.

She is one of the artists who can talk about any topic in detail and extract the most influential and powerful aspects of it while displaying it in the most artistic way possible.

Whether it is heartbreak, the beauty of love, internal struggles, mental health, or coping with negativity you can be sure Halsey would talk openly and incorporate a stunning reimagined type of pop-rock, punk, alternative, indie, or who knows what other genre to her music.

While her albums usually create a semi-fictional dystopian world Manic is expected to be more bond to real life and reflect the artist’s worldview (based on a Q and A she did on the 7th of August 2019).

During an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Halsey also stated that she wrote the album in a manic episode (thus the title) instead of a depressive one which is usually the case with songwriting. This might mean we should be expecting drastically different themes and styles (also the few released singles create the same impression). In the same interview Halsey stated that the album will feature:

Hip-hop, rock, country, f*cking everything – because it’s so manic. It’s soooooo manic. It’s literally just, like, whatever the f*ck I felt like making; there is no reason I couldn’t do it.

Definitely sounds like something worth looking forward to and judging by her previous work it will be executed in a stunning way.


Vukovi – Fall Better (24th of January)


Ever since I discovered the Scottish punk-rock (now) duo I have kept a close eye on their work and rocked with their compelling new releases.

They announced their new album will be out on January 24th and the singles we have already heard are screaming that this one will be a ground-shaking start of the year. Definitely, one of the albums I am looking forward to most.

Vukovi’s heavy rock riffs and melodic vocals united with personal and highly relatable lyrics contribute to their charm as a contemporary punk-rock act. Their energy and dedication are also not to be underestimated and you can be sure the new record is going to kick-ass, explore different mind states, and take on relevant personal and global problems.

This gets me hyped on a new level

Oh Wonder – No One Else Can Wear Your Crown (7th of February)


I know I can always turn to Oh Wonder when I am in the mood for something heartfelt, sensual, mellow, and comforting. Their music is touching and coming straight from their hearts and souls and you can easily feel it whenever you play one of their songs.

I can’t identify myself as their biggest fan but when I found out there is an album scheduled for February 2020 my levels of excitement and anticipation got unexpectedly high.

The London alt-pop/indie duo has an undeniable charm that will most likely spin your head in the best way possible. Their dreamy vibes and controlled mood shifts contribute to the creation of a unique style. Based on what I have heard so far I can tell that No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is going to be another portion of soothing awesomeness.

First single we have for the new album has Oh Wonder written all over it

Hollywood Undead – New Empire Vol 1 (14th of February)


Hollywood Undead is one of the most diverse bands I have encountered and every time they announce a new album my curiosity reaches sky-high levels.

The band has proved to be one that can do it all and their hyper energizing party songs, badass hip-hop anthems, and hard-rock masterpieces never fail to deliver the highest quality music. Their lyrics also range from goofy to deep self-reflecting ones and you can be sure their new album will be packed with songs for each and every mood.

New Empire Vol 1 and the singles we have seen so far hint for a more conceptual record tackling modern issues of society and I certainly hope this is the case. Because I know the Hollywood Undead is capable of producing one of the best such albums.


Lana Del Rey – White Hot Forever (Unknown)


Lana Del Rey gracefully swept away one of the spots at my 2019 must-hear album list and the situation is not much different for her upcoming album.

Whenever she puts out something new it is always entrenched with her charm, nostalgic and slightly retro vibe, amazing vocals, and great performance in general. This makes her one of the artists which I will always be excited about – each of her albums has proved to be a delight.

She has stated that a new album entitled White Hot Forever is already recorded and will see the world in 2020. It is certain is that it will be a highly anticipated release and most likely a must-hear.


Bring Me The Horizon (Unknown)


It is unclear when exactly Bring Me The Horizon will be returning with a new record. However, Oli Sykes has stated that the band will be aiming for multiple releases in 2020. The goal is to get rid of trying to balance things out in a full album and be able to unleash their creativity and at-the-moment conceptual vision.

We’ve got plans, definitely. ‘Ludens’ will be the first song you hear from the new record. We’re not going to do an album again, maybe ever. We’re thinking about doing shorter records. I don’t want to say we’re going to do something and not live up to it, but the plan is to release multiple records next year.

I’d like to make a bunch of records where each of them has a distinct vibe to it. It doesn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster, you can say ‘I’m pissed off so I’ll listen to this one’ or go for something a little more somber. There’s always a degree of compromise, but I’d love to write songs that are just the most obscure, electro-y.

Considering the band’s bold and genre-bending experimentation and how well it seems to work I am definitely looking forward to their next stage of evolution.

Amo was a splendid album and I indeed adore Horizon’s conceptual work and well-balanced mix of heavy rock-oriented tracks with lighter ones containing electronics and distorted sound effects. It has been worth the wait for each and every album so far and the progress the band has made is undeniable.

The idea of putting out a more focused collection of songs revolving around one mood and style at a time, however, seems extremely appealing to me. What’s more, I am sure it will help the band get free of expectations and limits when it comes to unleashing their creativity. Whatever they decided to do next will be a sight to see for sure.

This is dangerously addictive

Machine Gun Kelly (Rock Album; Unknown)


One of the super diverse and unpredictable artists people love to hate. Machine Gun Kelly has been making a lot of noise and has brought hip-hop to the next level with his bold experimentations and incorporation of various elements into his music.

I am personally super excited about his next work as I know that it is very hard to form expectations. MGK has been expressing his passion and interested in rock for quite some time and he recently announced that a rock album will be released in 2020.

This is definitely something to look forward to.

Grandson (Unknown)


This is one is a bit of a stretch as nothing has been verified in terms of new music form the unstoppable artist.

The hope I am clinging to is that he stated he is excited to get back to the studio after an insane tour and get working on his next conceptual piece (via Rocksound Instagram stories takeover). Whether it is the next installment of The Modern Tragedy series or a completely new record the sole thought of him working on new music makes me anticipate the result.

A Modern Tragedy 3 definitely hinted about the next bigger step in the “digital revolution”. Grandson’s bold social experiment for Oh No made it even clearer that the artist is willing to take his messages to the next level and I am beyond excited to see and hear how he does it.

He was quick to make us happy with a new song which seems to perfectly fit in the Modern Tragedy concept

Jessie Reyez – Debut Album (Unknown)


Jessie Reyez has announced a debut full-length expected to come out in 2020. No details have been revealed yet but it is going to be grand for sure.

The artist’s previous work displays her ability to present powerful and relevant messages in a stunning way. I think she is yet to unveil her potential but what she has put out so far is seriously good and this makes me even more excited about her debut full-length.

A mesmerizing voice wielding an appealing combination of RnB, jazz, and soul mixed in with fast-paced verses or slow and powerful ballad-like singing – Jessie uses her skills to bring the attention of the public towards relevant, necessary issues. This makes her a real gem for the music world.

This one speaks for itself. Stunning.

Those are the albums I am most excited about but I am sure there are many other good things coming our way next year.

Several other bands and artists have confirmed new music in 2020 including acts in the rock, metalcore, hip-hop, alternative, and pop scene.

Some of the names include Evanescence, Apocalyptica, Megadeath, A Day To Remember, Ozzy Osborn, and Breaking Benjamin on the heavier side as well as Gabbie Hanna (this one will be good for sure), Lauv, The 1975, Green Day, and Weezer in the softer pop and rock fields.

This definitely makes 2020’s odds to overcome the awesomeness we saw during 2019 quite high. And who knows what else we will hear and see which hasn’t been revealed yet.

I am quite excited to see and will be keeping a close eye on things. Chances are I will also review most of those albums so stay tuned in case you like my content.

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