Coming to the next challenge from the ones I received a while ago on Instagram I am colliding with a music-related topic which I never thought I would talk about. This one was sent by the awesome dnd7_daredavils – thank you for the topic, I hope I do it justice.


The topic of the challenge was “The fall of rock in the mainstream” but I will shamelessly use to it talk about rock music in general as I found out there are things I want to discuss.

This challenge deals with an interesting and somehow delicate subject. Rock music has been discussed a lot recent years and for a reason. In our age music has become extremely diverse and we have witnessed the birth of numerous sub-genres as well as completely new ones.

A lot of controversial statements have been circulating in the media (even respected sources as Rolling Stone Magazine have made ridiculously unjustified statements at some point) one of which tends to be that rock is dead.

I see a lot of hate towards Imagine Dragons for “destroying rock” and I still can’t wrap my head around this bullsh*t.


Is Rock Dead?

That’s a question I always found funny but at the same time worth thinking about.

Rock being dead is complete bullsh*t, at least for me. I think that people get confused and misuse the statement since rock music has changed a lot since its prime during the 70s and 80s.

Being realistic – it was bound to happen. As glorious and innovative as rock and roll has been when it first emerged (during the 1950s) and when legends such as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Queen, etc. showcased that this genre of music is more of a movement, voice, and lifestyle nothing stays the same forever. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The legendary Golden Years of rock and roll will live forever, I’m quite sure. What’s more classic rock is still very much alive as a music style.

You want rock and roll – here you go


Dirty Honey, Black Stone Cherry, Nightwish, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Alice Cooper – a few names who still stick to the classic rock and roll sound making it classy and kicking.

The only real difference is that it’s not popular anymore. It’s not played on the radio as much and modern society has, for some reason, decided to accept mainstream pop as relevant and trendy.

Is Rock Thriving?

I think it is thriving full-power.

Rock music has been one of the most powerful and influential music styles and cultures the world has ever seen.

I think the phenomenon is still breaking boundaries and revolutionizing music. We have witnessed a beautiful fusion of hip-hop and rock culture with the birth and prosperity of neometal during the early 2000s. Hip-hop artists are still incorporating rock elements into their music and bring it to the next level.

Say what you want about Limp Bizkit but they were a thing for a while and we all rocked to them


Alternative rock – relying on softer sound, gentler and shorter solos while blending modern elements with the classic rock riffs has become as relevant and powerful for a reason. Some themes remained and new (and more relevant for the time) have emerged to give this new sound the necessary lyrical content and make it something worth diving into.

Indie rock has also seen great popularity and despite not being able to have the breakthrough other sub-genres of rock had it remains influential and resonates with listeners in its own way. The same goes for metalcore, punk-rock, and other sub-genres – they all have something unique which took old-school rock music as a foundation and build something bigger on top of it.

I heard that’s indie


The incredible style is even finding its place in pop music with more and more artist combining instrumentals and melodies inspired by the everlasting genre to the mainstream beats.

With the development of music culture rock is also improving gradually and reaching new levels. And if this is not thriving, I don’t know what is.

Old-school rock brought to new levels with style


With brave experimentation by the likes of Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, Red Hot Chili Peppers amongst others rock music has reached new highs and evolved on a level which I personally find impressive and refreshing. Merging new-age elements to the classic rock sound is opening up an incredible amount of possibilities for artists and some of them are using those very successfully.

The fall of rock into the mainstream

Getting to the root of the topic, has rock fallen into the mainstream? That’s a tricky thing to talk about as it is undeniable that mainstream has taken over the attention of the masses when it comes to music nowadays.

There are some of the popular bands who can be classified as rock acts who managed to break through the barrier of entry established by pop music. They did it by involving dynamic elements of popular beats, electronics, and softer radio-friendly sound. However, its true lots of true rock talents remain unnoticed and lost in the whirlwind of the oversaturated music scene. The essence of rock music still exists but it has moved from the front to the somehow underground scene.



The shift of generations, value and belief systems, as well as the need for more simple and superficial topics explored in music, could be some of the reasons for this phenomenon. Recent generations are more interested in music which helps them not think about serious and overwhelming subjects, something focused on everyday issues and personal drama instead of global problems and deep self-reflection.

With this being said I don’t think rock has truly fallen (as I said above). Rock is still relevant and powerful and finds its place in the hearts and souls of lots of people. I don’t think the genre will ever die, the true spirit and meaning of rock will find their place unavoidably and there will always be artists who keep it alive and bring it to the next level.


That is how I see the situation with rock music. I am by no means trying to state my opinion as facts or push it to anyone, just thinking out loud. What are your thoughts on the modern music scene and old-school rock? I would love to hear them.

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