The next challenge on the list is about something I love a lot but never even though I could talk about. Board games are one of the most fun things to do with friends and the best ice-breaker when you meet new people. And with the winter fast approaching here in Denmark the topic is more relevant than ever.


If you haven’t played Codenames, you are missing out

I have always been interested in board games, however, it was only when I came to Denmark, where the board games culture is extremely developed, that I got an actual chance to discover what it is all about and have a closer look at the phenomenon.

Most schools, coffee shops, and even some bars are supplied with the essential Cards Against Humanity, Ticket to Ride, and Exploding Kittens and no matter what mood you are in you can find a game to entertain yourself and your companions. Just in case you run out of what to talk about or need something more interactive as a group activity.


Bastard Cafe – my favorite place for a chill Friday

There is such a variety of board games available nowadays it is almost impossible not to find something of your liking. No matter what your goal is there are at least a dozen games that will satisfy your desire and give you something extra.

From easy-going and entertaining, thought-provoking and engaging, highly creative and out-of-this-world, historical, to futuristic – the list can go on and on and can easily transport you into a different world for as long as you want. The best part is that you are sharing this experience with other people.



Scrabble – the game that has the power to make you feel smart or super dumb. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Board games are basically an immersive game in which you participate together with others and use your creativity to develop it further. The concept is great and with so many different ways to play various games, the possibilities are endless.

My Experience With Board Games

As mentioned since I came to Denmark I have had the chance to try many board games and attend awesome events where I could explore the culture deeper.

Board game events in school and dedicated board game cafes are something I regularly participate in and thanks to that I managed to find lots of awesome games. Enjoying a good one with a great company is never a bad choice no matter what the weather outside is.

Since I cannot hold my excitement and fascination I will, of course, include a list of my favorite games so far.



Mysterium is my absolute favorite board game so far. It is super immersive and highly creative – a combination of hint deduction, strategic thinking, and abstract associations the game is a wild ride for everyone involved.

It is a cooperative card-based game and unveils in several stages. The point is to uncover a murder mystery by solving hints given by the “ghost” (the game master). During the different stages of the game, the players work together to uncover the murder weapon, place of the killing, and the killer him/herself.

Elder Sign


With a variety of expansions available Elder Sign can never get boring

Elder Sign is another stunning cooperative game, this one is based on the H.P Lovecraftian mythos and has an extremely detailed and well-developed storyline and cast of characters. The storytelling is impressive and the gameplay is the perfect combination of complicated but easy to get used to.

The basis is cards and dices and players have a variety of action choices with the goal of preventing a Lovecraftian monster from entering the realm of the real world. It is packed with twisted horror creatures and engaging gameplay in the duration of at least 1-2 hours.

Highly engaging and a real treat for anyone interested in this type of story and mythos.



Spyfall is definitely one of my top picks. It is a semi-cooperative game with great artwork, a lot of details, and short rounds which will keep you engaged.

The point of the game is to find the spy in a certain setting – simple as that. Each player gets a card showing a location and the player’s role – his profession at the location, except one player who gets the spy card and does not see the location.

The players take rounds asking each other questions with the goal of revealing the spy who does not know any of the details happening on the location.

The game is super fun and a bit tricky since the rules allow only certain types of questions so that it doesn’t get too easy. Being the spy can be stressful as f*ck and the game stands on quick thinking, improvising, and being able to gather information from other players without revealing yourself too much.


I recently found out about the DC Universe edition which I cannot wait to try

Ticket to Ride


Somehow obvious pick considering how popular this game got recent years but Ticket to Ride is super fun. This one is a competitive type and can easily get very intense. It requires tactics and consideration of other player’s choices as well as a tiny bit of luck.

The point of the game is to score the most points by completing train roads – the longer and more complicated they are, the more points they will give. However, in many scenarios different players’ roads cross each other and create complications. Also, in order to build roads connecting different cities players need resources which are not so easy to get.

It all comes down to who implements his/her strategy best in the end.

Cards Against Humanity


Oh Damn

A classic which will never get old. I am sure most of you have tried it at least once and you cannot deny that this is one of the funniest and most entertaining games to this day.

It is extremely simple yet it brings out the creativity and (sometimes) hidden sense of humor of the players in the most effective way possible.



Dixit is quite similar to Cards Against Humanity in its simplicity and the way it strongly relies on the creativity of the players.

In the game, people draw and play cards and take turns to give a one-word association with a card of their choice. The other players choose a card from their hand which they think corresponds to the hint and then take turns trying to guess which one is the card the first player hinted about.

One of the best parts of the game is the awesome art. The other is the way it challenges you on many levels including trying to deduct how other people are thinking and what they are associating the well-designed cards with.

Fun and intense till the very last round Dixit is never a bad choice.

Exploding Kittens


The NSFW Deck makes this game so much better

The point of the game is to be the last one standing. The way you do this is by avoiding any of the Exploding Kittens cards by utilizing the various Skip, Nope, Shuffle, See The Future, etc. or distracting the Exploding Kitten with witty Defuse cards.

The last one of the super simple yet most enjoyable types of games in my list is Exploding Kittens. I always have a blast when I play it – the friendly rivalry, unexpected twists, quick thinking, and unavoidable suspense whenever someone draws a card are just amazing.

Super fun, easy, and quick the game can entertain you for hours without fail. And the ridiculous art just makes it perfect.

Pokémon Trading Card Game


Yes, for real

I feel like I have to put this one here as it is responsible for my interest in board games since the very beginning.

I grew up with Pokémon and the trading card game has been something I wanted to play for a long time. Unfortunately, there were never people interested enough so I can try it out.

I found out about the Online Pokémon TCG at one point and I have been coming back to it every once in a while since it is super fun and it keeps developing constantly.

The card game is the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Pokémon world. It is created in such a way which brings it extremely close to the TV show battle structure and it is super easy to understand and get into. For a person who grew up with Pokémon and keeps being amazed by the development of the fictional world, the TCG is an absolute must.


An honorable mention for Timeline – educational and super fun even tho it always exposes my lack of history knowledge

There are lots of board games to discover and new ones are constantly coming up and being developed. It is a really fun world to get into and a hard one to get out of.

Making your choice from the vast variety of games can be a tough task but there is without a doubt something that fits your mood and preference of complexity and gaming style. And no matter what you decided to go for chances are a new world will unfold and take you in for an adventure.

Which are your favorite board games?

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