I have been listening to Meg Myers’ music for some time now and I concluded it would require a lot of effort not to get obsessed with the bold and provocative artist.

One thing I keep being fascinated by when I listen to her work in chronological order is her impressive vocal abilities. Myers can produce tones of all kinds of styles and pitches and the best part is she uses that to bring her concepts to live and elevate her music greatly.


Meg Myers is collapsed like a broken ragdoll on her hardwood floors in her Los Angeles apartment — crying uncontrollable, feeling something she’s never felt before. It’s that kind of cry you don’t even wish upon your worst enemies — the kind that comes from that hidden place where all your demons are trying to break free.

This is what you will find if you explore Meg’s bio on her website. I think it matches her music well.

Meg Myers has a vibe. Calling it a style wouldn’t be accurate as she experiments in different fields and her unique voice allows her to display supreme skills in operatic singing, aggressive or soft and mellow tones, as well as jazz or energetic funky tunes.

Her vibe, however, is impossible to miss and it will bring out a feeling which is buried deep inside you – a feeling you hoped will never come out again.

The music of the young woman is simply too raw and hits directly in your most vulnerable emotions. Or as others have defined it:

She feels every note she sings, as it was the last of her life

Myers explains pain, confusion, the liberating feeling of love as well as the doubts and insecurities coming with it to absolute perfection and extracts the most honest emotions possible for any human being.


Listen to her latest album – Take Me To The Disco

There is a noteworthy maturing in Myers’ music with her most recent records. You can feel she has learned to control her voice to a new level and the topics she sings about have shifted from pure love and lust to deeper reflections of human relationships and coping with the troubles the mind tends to create.


Listen to 2015’s Sorry

However, today I want to talk about the album which I personally view as her finest. Sorry was released when Meg was 29 and I think it captures her vibrant essence and incredible music abilities best so far.

Even after listening to her entire discography I am inclined to believe that the 2015 record is Meg Myers’ most unfiltered yet refined work despite the complexity and maturity of 2018’s Take Me To The Disco (which is also a great album btw).

This is an addictive performance and a proof she feels every note as she sings it

Truth be told, Desire was the first ever track I heard by Myers and it instantly convinced me the artist has immense potential. And I was right – during the 10 tracks of Sorry Myers was sexy and seductive, bold and determined, open and vulnerable, defeated and broken, and finally hopeful and inspired for the future.

A great metaphor for surviving a soul-crushing period of life and finding yourself reborn and ready for the next chapter Sorry is a metamorphosis which Myers displays in the most impactful way possible.


From the very start of the album, Myers displays her ability to manipulate her voice however necessary to deliver the desired effect. Several layers of vocals shift during the song to showcase her personal search for beauty, lust, love, and fear of wasting life away.

“How come most of your songs are sad songs?”
“Well you know, I don’t, I have a few that aren’t sad
They’re hopeless, totally hopeless situations
And the rest aren’t sad, they’re just the way it goes, you know
You don’t think life’s sad?
But from recognising sadness you can put it aside and be happy
And enjoy the happy side of life.”

The interlude of Motel sums up the concept of Sorry and creates the right expectations for the rest of the record.


Myers is quick to display the totally hopeless situations in track number 2 which is also the title track of the album. It can be interpreted in many ways but I think it’s safe to assume relationships and the devastating and life-changing effects of f*cking up in one way or another are central for the track.

The lyrics are heartbreaking, the instrumentals are perfectly matching, her voice is hypnotizing, and the song is real to the core.


Getting to tracks 3 and 4 you can notice that the arrangement of the album was not coincidental. It becomes clear that Sorry is chronological and is displaying different stages of “tragedy” and heartbreak.

A Bolt From The Blue picks up the energy of Sorry and is the next demonstration of Myers’ vocal abilities. Overlaying elements unite to express one of the many sides of love and gently lead into pure… Desire.


Desire is a masterpiece. This is the breaking point of the record where you either get taken aback and slightly scared or completely and irreversibly fall in love with the stunning artist.

The song deserves a deeper look as it brings forward a dark and concealed side of romance and lust which people usually keep hidden. However, Myers does the opposite and lets it run free by removing any restrictions and censorship on her sexual side.

Each element of the song contributes to an amazing experience and if you manage to break away from the hypnotizing voice and highly provocative lyrics you will notice a well-constructed video (which, by the way, does not have the expected lingerie or nudity and instead relies on other means to capture attention) packed with metaphors and references.

Another thing which should not be missed is the slow but confident pacing which reminds of a predator stalking a victim (speaking of fitting the concept of the song). The instrumentals are extremely simple but equally effective contributing to the effect of the song. Finishing with a stunning solo outro the track is undoubtedly going to be stuck in your mind for a while.

The Pretty Reckless vibes are strong with this one

The feel and tempo are well-preserved in I Want You To Hate Me. The song is strong and if you have been in the described situation you would know how accurate it is.

A transparent confession of self-doubt and confusion the song will most likely strike a chord in your heart with its illustrative storytelling.


The ballad-like sixth track has a similar topic but the feel and structure are completely different. They once again bring out the undisputable abilities and creativity of Myers when it comes to vocals and instrumentals and tell a dramatic (even slightly tragic) story directly from real life.

You’re more than enough, it’s crazy
But I’ll never love you baby


The next song switches the mood to a more energetic and vibrant one with its jumpy instrumentals and chorus. It sounds happy and optimistic but this is only for the sake of emphasizing the seriousness of the situation and consequences which might follow.

Lemon Eyes and Make A Shadow have interesting metaphors and different structure from the rest of the album. They also add harder rock elements to the otherwise pop direction of the tracks even though the tones of the two songs are completely different.


Make A Shadow contrasts the upbeat energy of Lemon Eyes with a slow build-up to an explosive chorus. Fear and melancholy reach their peak in the said chorus and the sharp metaphors illustrate the delicate and heartbreaking situation beyond perfection.

Colud this possibly be about abortion?

Reaching the end of the album corresponds to reaching the culmination. Track number 9 is another ballad-like piece where Myers is serious and mature.

Possibly dealing with a way more serious issue than love-related problems The Morning After is the final tragic step before the conclusion of the devastating cycle.


The epilogue of Sorry is a soft and uplifting track –a perfect ending of the album.

Recovering from all the hardships explored so far and finding the will to once again search for happiness and life is simply inspirational. It serves as a great reward for sticking with Meg Myers until the very end of her troubling confessions.

Feather is beautiful and serves as a great reminder that each dark period eventually ends to make room for a new stage filled with hope and happiness.

Her latest release as a comparison showcasing her development

Listening to Meg Myers is a ride unlike any other. She brings out various emotions and speaks openly about things that most people usually run away from.

The artist’s growing and maturing are still on-going and the best part is she is making the process completely transparent.  Being able to observe it and relate to it while enjoying the high quality of music she produces is a blessing.

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