I never reviewed any of Mac Miller’s albums. It’s hard for me to grasp the diversity of his repertoire and the depth of his latest releases. So I never found the words to talk about them. An artist of incredibly high caliber Mac Miller has an impressive amount of songs about various topics. One thing that is typical for him is his appreciation of the female beauty and sacredness of the female body. Despite still not being able to review his work, today I want to talk about one of his many alter egos – Larry Lovestein.


Everything will be ok.

Mac Miller is an artist who doesn’t hide his tendency to create alter egos. His other personalities get developed into full-fledged personas with unique characteristics, passions, and styles which once again proves the genius of the artist.

And they are relevant, necessary even – all of them represent something which is part of Mac Miller as a person but does not fit his stage representation. A creative outlet which gives listeners some more music to enjoy and fitting it into a concept that helps his ideas shine bright.


The horror-core side of Mac Miller – Delusional Thomas

Delusional Thomas, for example, takes a drastic and extremely dark spin to Mac’s music and shows a very grotesque, scary, and deeply buried side of the rapper. We all have sides which we don’t want anyone to know. The things which Delusional Thomas talks about might be lurking around the depths of our minds but Mac is one of the few people who let them roam free and lets go of the pressure of suppressing them. Talking about murder and torture amongst other things the character definitely has a unique spin to his personality and he serves as an outlet by creating heavily distorted and hauntingly scary music.

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If there was to be a fashion contest between Larry Fisherman and Larry Lovestein that would be an epic battle

We have also seen Larry Dollaz and Smoke-Mo’ Purp on a smaller scale. Larry Fisherman – the producer and instrumentalist who takes Mac to the other side of hip-hop music and gives him creative freedom and wider possibilities for collaborations. All interesting character with their own style and personality they make Mac Miller look like the Legion of hip-hop.


The softest side of Mac Miller – the one and only Larry Lovestein

Today I am putting the focus on another one of Mac’s funky personas – Larry Lovestein. The soft side of Mac Miller, the hopeless romantic who enchants listeners with jazz and soul-infused hip-hop tracks about love.

With his afro hairstyle, hippy clothing, and funky glasses Lovestein would spill so much soothing praise about love and female beauty it would make even the coldest heart appreciate the feeling. It is impossible to resist his magic.


One of the albums which make it to the top of my personal favroites.

It is not a secret that Mac Miller has a lot of respect for the feeling of love and the magical beauty of the female. From early songs like ROS, Got A Clue, Objects In The Mirror (the list here can be endless so I’m not gonna keep going) to the album created specifically around this concept – The Devine Feminine Mac’s feelings and fascination become evident in the purest and most powerful way possible.

His love songs take various twists and spins from extremely simple, real, and delicate (ROS) to direct and unfiltered (Skin) the artist also has absolutely everything in between when it comes to this particular feeling. I would even go as far as saying this was one of his strongest sides in regards to creating music – his songs inspired by love are so real and powerful it is hard to comprehend how well he can express the feeling, emotion, and thoughts going around his head (and heart).

With this being said, Larry Lovestein does a splendid job of taking this feeling as a foundation and leading listeners into a magical storytelling experience which piques Mac’s love-related discography.

The EP starts with a seductive introduction trying to explain the unexplainable power of love. It sets the stage for an amazing act of storytelling and emotions which will flow smoothly during the five tracks of the record. Just like the rest of the album the song is incredibly sweet, illustrative to detail, and absolutely heartfelt.

Jazz and soul greacfully flow into love-inspired hip-hop for an experience which is simply out of this world. And this vibe is here to stay for the duration of the entire EP.

With Love Affair Larry Lovestein takes us to a dreamy state of mind guided by the feeling of love. The song has the vibes of ROS with its simple everyday examples of what these feelings make you do and the subtle but accurate description of affection. However, in Love Affair those things are magically blended in with more jazz and soul elements and make up an incredibly effective song in a totally new style.

The third track on the EP is probably the most interesting to look into as it tells a personal and profound story of genuine romance and real feelings. The clever lyrics and touching piano instrumentals blend the artist’s fascination with his loved one as well as his fear and suspicions of losing her. A truly touching song presented in the classiest way possible the track is a way for listeners to touch a piece of Mac’s soul.

A Moment 4 Jazz is a fascinating instrumental which does not need lyrics to tell a story and transmit the emotions it is going for. Different moods switch often starting with melancholic and curious, going through exciting, and ending with a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction – a great way to tell a love story if you ask me.

The final track starts with a graceful outro to the EP thanking people for listening and showing appreciation once again. Incredibly illustrative metaphors express the artist’s feeling making love seem like a word not strong enough to express his feelings. It has a slightly sad undertone considering it is the final track of the love-inspired adventure but it is a perfect way to end it nevertheless.


The cover of the EP is also extremely effective

You consists of only five short track but it manages to explore the many sides of love quite well.

The decision to put the EP under the name of Larry Lovestein instead of Mac Miller might seem strange at first but come to think of it it makes perfect sense. Distinguishing between the two personas is necessary – both Larry and Mac talk a lot about love but the ways they deliver their messages and express emotions are completely different. They are not the same people.

Creating Larry Lovestein has given Mac the needed creative freedom to explore a new style of hip-hop without confusing the public and giving birth to speculations about his career. He was able to completely immerse himself into a different world and produce a record which would transport listeners to his mind and soul.

I will let Mac speak about the need of his alter egos himself and mark the end of this post.

I like creating these characters because I feel like the identity of Mac Miller is… I don’t even know who ‘Mac Miller the Artist’ is, like what I represent, what I stand for.The thing I like about these characters is I feel like I can bring all these pieces of myself and emphasize them.

Larry Fisherman represents the part of me that’s a completely nasty studio rat. In reality, I’m a pretty gross human being. I don’t shower until like 9:30 PM, right before I go on stage. When I’m in the studio, I’ll just go weeks straight. So that’s the studio rat aspect of me.

I’m also a big softy at heart. I think everyone always knew that. Larry Lovestein is…I’ve kinda have always had this random fantasy of being a seventy-year-old Lounge Jazz singer with a hairy chest that I always show to people, and a thick ‘stache, because I can grow facial hair everywhere beside the mustache. Pisses me the fuck off. Why can’t I grow a nice, illustrious ‘stache? So Larry Lovestein is kinda that, the old-fashioned, classic Jazz singer guy.


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