Finding great-sounding bands with the potential to take over the music scene is slowly turning into my favourite thing to do. And I just cannot keep it to myself.

YONAKA are my latest and strongest obsession with their heavy and melodic rock riffs, raw, life-inspired lyrics, and evident passion for what they are doing. The album Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow is one phenomenal debut and I truly believe people need to hear it for several reasons.



It is a well-known fact that the United Kingdom is a thriving place for breakthrough music formations which are sure to get big eventually. An undeniable talent, passion, and love for music in the country brought punk, rock, and everything in between to life.

There are countless examples of high-class talent in those fields – Bring Me The Horizon, Neck Deep, While She Sleeps, to name a few. And now I can gladly and confidently say YONAKA will be joining the hall of fame.

The band is sure to capture your heart and make you jump with the highly relevant, relatable, and passionate true rock tracks exploring necessary topics. There is simply no way to resist the electrifying energy and flawless vocals produced by Theresa Jarvis and the tangible emotion she puts into her singing.


Listen to Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow

Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow is refreshing, energizing, and simply delightful. One the first listen you would probably pay attention to the killer rock instrumentals and vibe – energetic, often aggressive (with some exceptions), powerful, confident, and most definitely enjoyable.

Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow is a modern rock record which managed to make YONAKA spotted by music lovers worldwide for a reason.

The superb instrumentals aside, the album also talks about things which it is good to keep in mind. Each track is infused with the above-mentioned energy and clear passion while also having its own unique feel and distinguishable energy.

Sitting still is not an option while listening so better clean up some space around you before we get to the tracklist.


It is painfully clear that the band created the album with a refined concept in mind and the more you replay it the more you start to understand the beauty and nearly flawless execution, arrangement, and lyrical content evident.

Yonaka translates to “dead of night” from Japanese which showcases the reason Theresa Jarvis decided to go into music – exploring the darkest parts of her mind and opening up about subjects hard to otherwise talk about.

And this is exactly what Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow is all about – real life experiences from dark and dangerous thoughts to love-related struggles and liberations. Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow is about the lives of all of us.


Yeah, they got style!

The very first piece – Bad Company kicks things off and introduces the pinball energy which will dominate during the entire album.

It deals with regret, fear, anxiety, and even depression and explains those states of mind in a way which would only be possible if you have faced the phenomena dangerously close.


The theme of depression and overthinking persist during the eleven tracks in the record in different forms. In Lose Our Heads YONAKA‘s lyrics serve to transmit an empowering message giving hope and courage about overcoming your fears and living your life in a way which will make you happy.

Wake Up and The Cure, which are the closing tracks of the record, gracefully wrap up this topic up by heavily emphasizing that there is a way out of every dark place and hopeless (on the first glance) situation.


However, there is an even stronger reminder present – Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow is definitely the most powerful and comforting song on the album with a clear encouragement of seeking help when you need it and not making the mistake of keeping things inside yourself.

YONAKA remind listeners that there will always be someone willing to hear us out and understand if we gather the courage of speaking up about our personal struggles.


Exploring the album in its eternity showcases another theme which occasionally keeps returning. Love related hardships are dissected in detail in an impactful and resonating way in Guilty (For Your Love), Creature, and Fired Up.

The songs flawlessly intertwine with the rest of the album and explore the strongest emotion of them all in different contexts. While Guilty (For Your Love) shows the power and comfort of having someone next to you who helps you deal with your demons and shows that two broken pieces can perfectly fit together Creature takes a different context and shows that sometimes people are only able to love you at your best and they turn away when you need them most.


Punch Bag, on the other hand, depicts a toxic and abusive relationship and calls for self-love and respect. In a similar matter, Awake tells a terrifying and chilling story which seems to be taken from one of the personal experiences which leave a permanent scar.


Finding out they supported Bring Me The Horizon on their EU run of the world turn and I missed them broke my heart a little

Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow has a tracklist worth looking into and exploring in details. It only gets better the more you listen and hidden metaphors and small details keep popping up. The stunning songwriting is one of the band’s strongest qualities and combined with their attitude and inredible sound is sure to take them far.

The record is brave, honest, relevant and without a doubt a must-hear. The Brighton fourpiece showed us the importance of vulnerability and honesty while sending encouraging reminders to never undervalue our selves and allow others to walk over us.

With the band’s recent collaborations with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Grandson I have high hopes for their future projects. They are currently back in the studio and it is only a matter of time to see them devour the world of music.

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