Sum-41 are getting us ready for their new album very successfully and I couldn’t help myself adding some Paramore. I rediscovered After Laughter at the perfect time and it really helped me get through my week so I had to pay it the necessary honor. And it’s a damn good album! I hope you find something of your liking in my selection of songs for the week – you can find my playlist in Spotify or YouTube. In case you would like to read my comments for some of the songs keep reading.

Sum-41 – Never There

Sum-41 are hyping their upcoming album big time and apart from a kickass tour, they are releasing single after single. This one right here might be one of my favorite Sum-41 songs yet and it is drastically different from the rest of what we have seen from Order In Decline so far.

In Never There Deryk goes deep into an extremely personal and intimate topic which he has avoided talking about for a long time. He himself has said that this is a song he never really tried to write or wanted to – it just poured out and maybe this is what he needed. The song itself is extremely emotional and touching and pays tribute to all the single parents out there in a beautiful way.

Needless to say, the instrumentals are on the point as usual and have the highest quality which Sum-41 always deliver. Nostalgic and almost tear-jerking the song shows Deryk as vulnerable and transparent as possible and it is amazing to see him open up in such a beautiful way.

Paramore – 26

I can never stress enough how important this song is. Life inspired and honest, part of Paramore‘s most sincere and open album (and their best in my opinion) yet 26 is a song which emphasizes the importance of hope and strong spirit despite all the bulls*it that might be happening all around.

The song has incredibly mellow and matching instrumentals and the lyrics are absolutely on point. Hayley‘s vocals – flawless and telling a personal story which intertwines with the past of the band and the overall concept of the album in a beautiful way. I personally think everyone should listen to this one at least once a week just as a friendly reminder.

I Prevail – Paranoid

One of my favorite discoveries this week is this absolutely stunning, powerful I Prevail song. It brought me back to my neo-metal roots and invoked an extremely nostalgic feeling I get when I listen to the likes of Linkin Park or The Offspring.

The song is pure fire with lyrics which transport you into a different world and mindset. The instrumentals are extremely powerful, rock-infused and matching the topics of the song to pure perfection. Incredible song to rock to and get your daily dose of energy. The acting of the band members at the start of the video might not be the best but they illustrated the idea of the song very well, I have to say.

Oh Wonder – High On Humans

Next favorite discovery (I actually like this one more than the I Prevail one) which is not only a great song but an amazing and inspiring video as well.

The song not only has incredible instrumentals, beats, and vocals but is also super inspirational and relevant. Meeting different people and getting inspired by them and their stores, interacting with each other and supporting people just because they are people is something which we do not do often enough. The song is the perfect reminder that we need to focus on the characteristics which make us human.

Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Undeniable legend and a master of quality and thought-provoking hip-hop Mac Miller is someone who always hits the right spot with his songs.

This particular song can be interpreted in several ways and as Mac Miller and .Paak have said themselves they actually had different ideas about. Whether you see it as a grieving about a person who passed away or as a love song which deals with trying to win your loved one back the song has an unquestionable impact. The lyrics are as expected from Miller and .Paak of the highest quality and the modern hip-hop beats and great flow have the signature of both artists all over them.

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