I have an overwhelming amount of music to share this week so I will do my best to keep things short and select just the right amount of songs without overdoing it. It was an awesome week with lots of incredible music and I hope you give some of it a chance. I’m going to try and keep things short here so take a look (a listen) at the Spotify and YouTube playlist with the complete collection of songs for the full experience.

Imagine Dragons – West Coast

I know I already reviewed the entire Origins album in my last post but it has been one of the most notable and affecting parts of my week.

This particular song (together with Birds) is one of my favorites from the entire record and it really resonates with me extremelly hard. It’s melancholy, raw and fueling emotion, great instrumentals, and honest and pure lyrics just make it incredibly powerful. The story it tells and the background behind it only enhance the effect and in case you can at least slightly relate to the lyrics there is no way your heart won’t falter.

Still Corners – Lost Boys

I am not sure if I have talked about Still Corners before. If I haven’t that’s a damn shame and if I have it probably wasn’t enough anyway.

The London/New York synth/dream-pop duo has some incredible and super relaxing tracks that will literally transport you in another universe. Their combination of subtle storytelling inspired by their personal stories and the extremely attractive mix of guitar solos and electronic sounds will make you fall in love for sure. Their energy and vibe are out of this world and the soothing and mesmerizing voice of Tessa Murray will simply hypnotize you. This song is one of my recent favorites and it really captures the charm of the band well.

I had the luck to see them live this week and they were even better performing in front of your eyes. To make it better the venue was the smallest one I have seen which made the show super intimate with roughly 120 people present. Extremely cozy environment and a magical performance by the band – I highly recommend you go see them if you have the chance it’s not worth missing out.

Bastille – Those Nights

I am happy to say Bastille have grown a lot since they started making music. I have been missing out on their new stuff as well but I got a glimpse of what they have been up to with their last two releases and I was pleasantly surprised.

They have managed to keep their trademark sound and vibe intact while also evolving their sound and thematics. Doom Days was super enjoyable for me and now their new release also makes an amazing track. And not only – the video is extremely well-shot and captures the concept of the song in a way which will hit the right spot to make the song even more powerful. The amazing sound of Bastille unites with the clever lyrics which deal with a delicate subject invoking various feelings in the listener – definitely worth looking into and staying on the lookout for the band’s next move.

Sløtface – Nancy Drew

Sløtface – if the name doesn’t scream punk-rock to you then play the song and any misunderstandings will be cleared out. This is without a doubt one of my favorite discoveries this week.

The song is a classic punk-rock banger and the holy trinity of sharp, rebellious instrumentals, catchy, engaging lyrics, and an amazing, artsy video is present 150%. Listening to the song (and watching the video) is as if you are reading a cool comic (strongly reminds me of Scott Pilgrim to be honest) with an interesting, intense but also playful storytelling. The sound is just perfect for my taste so I have only good things to say – this one definitely keeps the punk spirit alive and will contribute to getting you hyped up early in the morning.

Gabbie Hanna- Butterflies

A relatively new song by Gabbie Hanna which once again hits the right spot. I have no idea why I never talked about the music of Gabbie before but it really is worth checking it out. Her music is where pure art happens and it’s not only about the great lyrics and being extremely open towards topics which are immensely hard to talk about but also the genius and illustrative videos.

Once again the youtuber openly talks about a serious and relevant topic which most people will easily relate to. She does it with catchy tunes and well-thought lyrics and the supporting video is just a work of supreme art. I highly recommend you check out her other songs (my favorites are Medicate and Monster) because she has really important issues discussed there and filters and censorship are not something she tolerates. Well done Gabbie!

Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Barker – I Think I’m OKAY

You will have to excuse my mildly annoying spam of new MGK releases but it’s not my fault they are all so good. To top it up he decided to collaborate with the punk-rock phenomenon YUNGBLUD and the (most likely) best drummer right now – Travis Barker.

I Think I’m OKAY reminds of Hollywood Whore with its confession-like theme and unfiltered lyrics. I really love an appreciate this type of MGK songs and their raw emotion is something I highly value. The addition of YUNGBLUD‘s awesome voice and well-controlled anger and energy just make a level better. What makes it perfect is Travis Baker‘s insane drumming and incredibly sync. The song itself has a neat instrumental combination and lyrics exploring a mental state known for lot’s of people. However MGK and his accomplices for the song do it and a very impactful way once again.

Halsey – Sucker (Jonas Brothers cover)

Before I end the post – a last minute addition which I think deserves a spot. Halsey‘s amazing voice and great arrangement makes Jonas Brother’s Sucker sound times better and gives it a completely different feel which is worth checking out.

I admit the original version of Sucker is one of my guilty pleasures but Halsey just upgraded the song in a magical way. Her voice has always been my weak spot so no surprise here but anyway, I decided it’s worth mentioning.


I hope you enjoyed the music I have selected for you this week and there was something of your taste. Even if there wasn’t I have to say that it’s always worth giving new artists and songs a chance cuz you never know what new drug you might find. If the weekly music fic series taught me anything it is that being open-minded for new music and new genres and styles can expand your world and music taste greatly. Thanks a lot for reading!

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