More than ten weeks of constant music discoveries and sharing have passed and it might come as a surprise to anyone who knows me that I am still strictly dedicated to creating the weekly music fix each week. It is surprising for myself as well but what started as a type of challenge to help me develop my writing skills and motivate me to start discovering new music (and becoming more open-minded in this sense which I can proudly say is now a fact) has turned into an incredibly enjoyable and pleasant activity which I constantly look forward to. I still have a long way to go when it comes to arranging the songs and stepping up my writing but I am now presenting you the 11th Weekly Music Fix with an extreme sense of accomplishment. I hope you are enjoying this at least half as much as I am enjoying creating it. Now is the time to once again thank all the people who keep sharing amazing songs with me and those who keep listening to my playlist and reading my ramblings. Especially you.

Once again I will be talking about the song which made the strongest impression on me – this is one of the times I believe the songs really found me at the right time (or maybe a bit after the right time). In case you are not of fan of reading long lines of praise and fascination with the power of music feel free to just skip to the playlist – Spotify or YouTube – as you wish.

This is also a good time to share another incredibly well-constructed playlist with amazing songs (some of which I shamelessly stole) focused around the topic of sexuality. Check it out I promise you will find some really good tracks there.

Bryce Fox – Horns

Horns by Bryce Fox could be classified as the new discovery of the week which instantly won me over with explosive energy and aesthetics in the video. The sound is definitely what initially attracted me to the song but exploring further it only got better and better. The lyrics are powerful and personal exploring the phenomenon of falling in love and similarly to the way Twenty One Pilots describe it in Tear In My Heart Bryce Fox uses colorful metaphors and comparisons to illustrate the power you entitle to your loved one. Something I personally constantly have to remind myself (unfortunately usually too late) – being in love means being vulnerable and accepting the risk of being hurt by the one you give your heart to. A super catchy song with a powerful message and incredibly well-shot video – a true definition of pop-rock!

Annisokay – Nihilist Blues (Bring Me The Horizon cover)

It is extremely hard to find a balanced metal band with pure rock energy and just the right amount of screams and growls to create the dynamic feel of the metal genre. I found this gem literally five minutes after posting last week’s playlist – Annisokay is actually an amazing upcoming band which I sincerely hope are going to get big soon (Of Mice and Men meets Linkin Park and Sempiternal era Bring Me The Horizon in an industrious new age sound – I can see the headlines already). They have great style, amazing lyrics, killer instrumentals and everything that a hard rock/metal band should have! Thir energy is just contagious.

This particular cover was the first piece I heard by the rising legends and I fell in love instantly. As much as I respect Bring Me The Horizon‘s decisions, experimentation, and evolution I think Annisokay did a way better job with Nihilist Blues. This was one of the few songs in Amo I couldn’t really get into with its techno feel. Thankfully Annisokay came to my rescue and remastered the song in a style which I personally believe fits perfectly with the concept of the song.

It has a That’s The Spirit vibe all the way with some well positioned and balanced screams matching the feelings which I think BMTH were trying to express. The lyrics are genuine and the raw and youthful teenage angsty core of Annisokay managed to transmit the nihilist feel and helplessness of the mental state which I believe the song is about. The instrumentals are what made the cover so attractive for me and the “homemade” personal style of the video just adds up to complete the cover in the best possible way. Since it is quite ironic I am presenting a band which I proclaim as a breakthrough metal soon to be stars with a cover I strongly emphasize it is definitely worth it checking out their original tracks starting with my personal favorite Blind Lane. I am excited to observe this band and see them take over the world.

The Driver Ear – Feel You Now

Before I make my favorite move and drastically change the mood I have to leave this one here because I believe it is a must hear!

I wouldn’t classify it as an exceptional song but like any other Feel You Now has its charm and uniqueness. It is a total banger which will fill your soul with passion and energy and drastically improve your mood and will to live – that’s for sure. The song is an explosion of emotion and energy represented by sharp instrumentals as well as clear and passionate (really, I am talking about pure passion in terms of lust) vocals. The video is once again a compliment to the overall feel of the song and makes it complete in a great way. Check it out and stop by The Driver Era‘s page for some more cool tunes!

Frank Ocean – Seigfried

This was the turning point of my musical journey this week. And I don’t only mean the song but the entire Blond album which is an incredibly spiritual and thought-provoking journey. A great friend of mine told me to check this album out several months ago and I shamelessly did it just now. And, damn, I have been missing out (once again).

Blond is an album with huge depth and it’s something you would usually listen to alone to be able to fully dive into the concept. The instrumentals and beats are minimum in the majority of the songs (Seigfried included) and the emphasis is on the lyrics and state of mind you will get into. What I noticed is the specific style of lyrical arrangement of the artist where the words are also put to the minimum and the essence is extracted by using only the most influential ones which transport you into that specific mental state.

I actually don’t feel competent enough to discuss the album in depth but as I see it it is a monologue which Frank Ocean has about various things being on his mind – things which are of utmost importance in each human being’s life. I think it will resonate strongly with most of you and if you allow yourself to dedicate an hour of your time to just sit down, close your eyes, and enter Frank‘s world you will embark on a trippy ride for sure. The only thing is this album requires your undivided attention.

Siegfried is one of my favorite tracks from the album and I think it represents it quite well. The more I think about the creation of this album (Frank Ocean disappeared for quite some time during which he was locked up with his thoughts and creativity to come up with Blond) the more it makes sense. I will leave it up to you to appreciate it for yourself.

Anderson .Paak – Twilight

Fitting into the thought-provoking style of Frank Ocean is my boy Paak who recently dominated the RnB scene with Ventura. I see the album as a return to Paak‘s roots in soul/jazz/classic Rnb in an incredibly beautiful way.

Ventura is a pure delight to the soul and is another journey worth taking. Paak lets himself be free of any expectations or restrictions and this leads to an incredibly well-arranged piece in all possible terms – from heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrics to dancy and catchy instrumentals and beats, his voice compliments everything in a perfect way. The man never disappoints.

This particular song is one of my favorite tracks from Ventura and like several others from the album explores love and relationships and a way which we are not used to seeing anymore. Instead of talking about the moment of falling in love, trying to get your significant other back, or dealing with a break-up the artist reminds us about the most important aspects of all – keeping the relationship intact and working towards improving it. Incredibly powerful with addictive sound Twilight is the real deal!


Thanks to everyone who read the post till the end, I hope you enjoyed what you heard! Cheers to another great week of new music!

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