This week I have been into the mood for some highly emotional, mostly acoustic songs with incredible sound, great lyrics, and overwhelming impact. I did come across (once again thanks to my lovely top contributor) to some really different and interesting stuff. For a while, I was considering whether I should dedicate this week’s music fix to the more emotional and heartfelt acoustic performances only and save the other stuff for next week. However, the idea of the weekly music fix is to show you my discoveries during each week, make it diverse, and show you the things I found attention worthy or interesting. With this being said, the 10th edition of my weekly music collection might seem a bit strange and there will probably be a weird and drastic transition between the moods so I hope you excuse it. It’s all for the sake of diversity. I will say a few words for some of the songs so in case you don’t want to read my ramblings you can go straight to the Spotify or YouTube playlist to check the music.

Hooverphonic – Mad About You


Going straight into the impactful live performance of Hooverphonic. A Belgian band with incredibly vivid emotion in their songs, performances which will send shivers down your spine, and noteworthy passion. I am kinda disappointed in myself for discovering them so late – those incredible artists have twelve albums to dive into and it is all worth the time.

There is an irresistible power in those particular type of live performances. The orchestra gives the song even more emotion and enhances the passion which flutters your heart and plays with your feelings. This particular song features a very creative and well-thought fragment of Swan Lake which compliments the arrangement of the song perfectly and makes it a pure delight for your soul and ears. Getting into the lyrics and the story told in the song you will find an interesting life inspired experience brought to life with the incredible instrumentals and voice of the singer. Hooverphonic is definitely something worth getting into and exploring further.

Agnes Obel – The Curse

Staying on topic with the incredibly powerful live performances of emotional and passionate songs. Agnes Obel takes me back around five years ago when a very good friend of mine sent me her album Philharmonics. I was completely stunned by her incredible voice, highly rousing instrumentals, and totally flawless and heartfelt execution of the songs. Agnes was an artist which amazed me in a way I hadn’t been amazed for a long time and her songs brought me incredible tranquility and peace of mind. I often came back to them when I wanted to feel peace and dive into a world of magical storytelling.

Nothing has changed since that time but it has been a while since the last time I checked on her art. It was great to get back to this peace and relaxation and completely lose myself into the world which this girl depicts with her incredible voice. I strongly believe this is more powerful and effective than any type of drugs.

This song is something I came across accidentally in YouTube and it brought me back to the artist with grace and pride. The storytelling here is super and I highly advise you to just close your eyes and focus on the song – it will definitely make you travel to a different world. Once again the orchestra makes the experience even better and contributes greatly to the overall effect of the track.

Charlotte Cardin – Dirty Dirty

Incredible voice, stunning instrumentals, and another powerful live performance. Charlotte Cardin is another artist I discovered this week and whose music I fell in love with easily. Another heartfelt song which tells a personal, relatable story in an affecting jazz/soul way. Definitely has the magic of acoustic performance and also a modern electronic twist to it. A delight no matter how you look at it.

Lil Dicky – Pillow Talk

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the rapid change of mood!

This is something I never thought I will put on my playlist. I will be honest, I don’t think it’s a good song but I am fascinated and mind-blown by the creativity and interesting way of putting it all together and expressing the concept and idea of the whole thing. It has a feel of a short movie expressing a point of view and a state of mind  (and the aftereffects of doing it in the wrong time) rather than an actual musical piece but I do admit it managed to make me think, watch it till the very end, feel entertained, and even inspired. The video is simply astonishing with great build-up and development – just like a short thought-provoking film.

I am actually amazed by Lil Dicky after checking some more of his work. This guy has an incredibly entertaining sense of irony (I mean, look at his name) and uses it in a playful way to create super fun songs. I have to admit and emphasize that he also has a very creative outlook on things and is able to create videos and concepts which transmit meaning very, very well. Also, he does that in a memorable way – I don’t think I will forget about what I saw when listening to his stuff, especially the song above and Earth (which by the way might not be a good song but holds very important and relevant values and topics). Worth the shot for sure and I guarantee you will be entertained. Save Dat Money is also something really fun watching where the artist ironizes a segment of particular YouTubers and the majority of rappers. Quite the fun artist to get into.

Sum-41 – Out For Blood

In case you somehow managed to miss the news – Sum-41 is back with a bang! Their 2016 return after a long and troublesome time being MIA was one of the best comebacks in the music world. 13 Voices brought back the passion, aggression, and hard-hitting lyrics of the band in an unorthodox mix of classic rock and modern tunes – a sound which was a great build-up to the Screaming Bloody Murder experimentation.

When the band started teasing their next return and released Out For Blood on the 24th I was ecstatic. Their social media claims that Order In Decline will be their heaviest and most aggressive album yet and judging by the first single this is highly possible. Sum-41 is one of the few bands that can get away with incorporating repetitive elements in their tracks but hopefully we will see some experimentation and changes since the same style and sound has been on repeat for the last two full-lenght releases of the band (which makes me have mixed feelings about the song even tho it is undeniably good but lacks progress). Nevertheless, Sum-41 have managed to establish such a trademarked punk sound and feel it is impossible not to recognize them and it seems like the core of the band is still intact.

In the new song, we witness the familiar punk-rock sound and electrifying solos as well as topics which Deryck Whibley is very well familiar with (yes, I am talking about addiction and fighting the process). This helps him form powerful metaphors and express his hard feelings accurately in a way which definitely resonates with listeners. Order In Decline is something punk-rock fans are definitely going to enjoy and I am personally super excited to hear more releases from the legendary band. Make your calendars for July 19th and keep an eye out for new singles sometimes soon.


This concludes my weekly music rambling. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and exploring new sounds and intriguing concepts. Thanks a lot for reading and stay tuned for more blogs!

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