Going back a bit – this Friday. The week has been great so far but it’s near its end and I still have like four songs in my library for this week’s playlist. Luckily, it’s never too late to find amazing tracks to fill it up and my lovely top contributor came to my rescue once again. From not having any music I ended up with a task of an extremely hard selection process the result of which I will present below. I hope you enjoy the week’s playlist and in case you are not a fan of my music rambling you can just skip to the Spotify or YouTube playlist. Enjoy!

CYN – Terrible Ideas

The new release

CYN is back on top of my Weekly Music Fix playlist with a new release which not only lived up to the expectations but brought her music and art a level up. The song is a super melodic and catchy explosion of a relatable and personal story which will entertain you, hype you up, and possibly make you emotional. For me at least, Terrible Ideas is extremely attractive – it has the storytelling of a real life situation and experience which the artist has probably gone through herself. An explosive pop-rock feel with great instrumentals and beats and catchy lyrics – worth the time if you ask me. The simple yet powerful video also contributes to the experience of CYN quite well!

AJR -Dear Winter

The new discovery

Have I been living under a rock? Probably yes since AJR managed to escape my radar for so long. Remember when I said that my lovely top contributor saved the playlist with great suggestions – this band was one of them and it easily turned into my best discovery for the week.

Peculiar is the best word I can find to describe this astounding and fine-tuned combination of great sound, amazing energy, diverse (really – super diverse) lyrics, emotion, and storytelling. I have said it countless times before but when a song tells an intimate and emotional story I am unable to resist and this, for me, manifests the overwhelming power of music in a great way. AJR tell various stories – from personal life experience to how they felt after finishing The Office series (yes, they really do have a song about this – check Netflix Trip out and entertain yourself). Similarly to the likes of Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots, it is hard to definite the genre of AJR since their sound doesn’t really fit any clearly defined categories and this is another part of their magic. Nevertheless, the sound phenomenal and the way they arrange and present their songs is even better.

I am particularly choosing Dear Winter here since this is the song that touched me most and which I think has a very unique concept. Singing a song about your future daughter which you would very much like to have but are not even close to is amazing, pure, and super emotionally touching. The song is overflowing with love towards a person who doesn’t even exist yet, the lyrics are witty yet heartfelt and the sound and video are incredibly simple but effective.

I strongly recommend checking out the entire discography of AJR – you are up for a wild ride and a great treat trust me.

Sahida Apsara – Radiant Star with Saritah and Dub FX

The reinspired passion

While being on the topic of expressing love towards your child (coincidentally daughter again) I want to take the chance and talk about this gem right here. Sahida Aspara is an incredibly spiritual and influential artist married to another down-to-earth and 100% real artist – DUB FX. Long story short – I discovered Dub thanks to one of my music guru friends and I have been addicted to his unreal inspiring and motivational vibes, lyrics, and energy. This man is a hurricane of inspiration and passion and it is impossible not to spot it if you listen to a few of his songs and watch his videos (I have included some stuff in the playlist).

His lovely wife Sahida is an artist of a similar caliber and has the same overflowing emotion and energy in her art. Definitely worth checking both of them out and you can see for yourself what the are capable of when they unite for a duet.

This song is dedicated to their daughter and is simply going to melt your heart. Sahida explained in an interview that she often uses writing to note important lessons to herself and she decided to turn them into a musical message in order to spread the wisdom. A truly relevant lesson which we all have to learn the hard way, nevertheless the song is extremely impactful. Check those guys out, it’s worth it!

Arctic Moneys – Snap Out Of It

The rediscovery

Arctic Monkeys are a phenomenon which most of you have probably looked into at one point or another. The same goes for me – I jumped on the hype train during their prime and I was bewitched by their seducing tunes, lyrics, and fascinating combination of classic and modern rock.

This week I accidentally came across Snap Out Of It and the same feeling I got when I first heard them easily returned to me. This made me look into their new stuff and old classics and I came to the conclusion that their charm is never going to fade away. A true example of modern sounding classic rock Arctic Monkeys are going to tell you various (mostly love related) stories and you will see yourself swimming in memories from past experiences or fantasies for the future. The particular song is a good example of their masterful storytelling and incredible sound (plus a well-constructed and executed video).

James Brown – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

The classic

Retro and classic – James Brown has you covered. An old-school jazz/soul sound will make you travel back in time and experience a sub-culture of music which has a charm and passion like no other will ever achieve. This song is a great way to end the week’s music collection and is a proven masterpiece which will never get old. Real and honest lyrics talking about problems which were extremely relevant back in the day, presenting the reality as it is without any filters – extremely soothing and effective sound, nothing more to wish for. A killer video just makes things better and makes you feel the vibe even stronger.


And there we have another week of music covered with my ramblings and fascination towards this powerful type of art. Thanks a lot to everyone who read the post and congrats for making it till the end! It was a pleasure writing it, I hope you enjoyed the playlists! Stay tuned for more and have a great week!

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