I have postponed writing several blogs this week due to a side-project which, in the end, I didn’t even get far with and I feel extremely frustrated with myself. Hopefully next week I will be back with a none music type of blog for a chance. For the week’s playlist – it has been a great week in terms of music discoveries and we even got a new released from a band which was absent for two years, busy maturing and preparing for their next album. I hope you enjoy the playlist and just in case you lost the links – Spotify and YouTube are the places where you can follow The Weekly Music Fix with new songs each Sunday.

Chelou – Halfway To Nowhere

This song and band are probably the best discovery I made this week (once again thanks to the one and only). The track really fascinated me in all aspects.

First of all, the video is amazing – incredible animation, super cool style, and it captures the meaning and message of the song perfectly well. Storytelling in songs has always been something I highly value and this one definitely comes alive with the astonishing video. The song itself is not too rich in terms of lyrics – just enough to send the message the band wanted to convey and not a line more. Simple but genius the song reminds us that we should accept ourselves and keep going forward. The beats and instrumentals are also incredibly well-arranged and contribute to the overall impact of the song. And they make it sound so soothing yet thought-provoking. I cannot say it is a song you can listen to just like that – you need to focus on it and get into the story but it is totally worth doing it.

MISSIO – I See You

I have featured MISSIO songs in my weekly fix playlist before – the duo has a great vibe and sound and often quite interesting lyrics. They are back with a new full-length album – The Darker The Weather // The Better The Man  which I have to say is one of the most diverse albums I have heard – each song is quite different from the other and the topics and sounds chance rapidly. A combination of Billie Eilish and Grandson styles with the individiuality of MISSIO this album is an adventure in itself.

I See You is one of my favorites track on the new album and the video they released makes it even better. The song has clear vocals and steady beats to match the comforting and emotional lyrics. Similarly to the song above this one has a very important message and tells an emotional story of a personal struggle. Come to think of it the topics of the two songs almost overlap and the videos also have similar concepts. Nevertheless, this one is a total must-hear and a great step for MISSIO for sure.

The rest of the album is also worth checking out – a must are definitely Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To (probably the best one on the album) and Underground… And the rest of the album. And God damn, the artwork is sick!

The All-American Rejcets -Beekeeper’s Daughter

I remember I was really, really into The All-American Rejects (and Tyson’s glitter) back in the day, probably when I was sixteen or seventeen. I loved all of their stuff, especially Kid’s In The Street and When The World Comes Down eras. They had a very attractive pop-punk/rock sound which hit home for me and their lyrics were so cheesy yet so good and honest. I definitely recommend you check them out if you missed their prime time back in the day.

This song specifically is something I suddenly remembered out of nowhere and I kept on repeat for a while this week. Funny thing is I get the lyrics of the song just now, four or five years later and I always thought it is another cheesy love song (lol). Despite what Ritter is talking about in the song he makes it sound so good and almost funny in a way. The great video is another bonus to the nice sounds.

Hey Viloet – Better By Myself

Hey Violet is finally back! I have been waiting for this for a while – the pop-punk phenomenon unexpectedly released a new single which shows that they have been making progress and maturing since the last album and they also managed to preserve their core.

Better By Myself screams Hey Violet from afar. The song has a relaxing but slightly tense feel and instrumental to it and the lyrics are something which I am not surprised comes from the lips of Rena Lovelis. The band preserved their absolute honesty and told another real story of their experience in a captivating way. The video is also really mesmerizing and strongly reminds me of half•alive‘s stunning choreography and minimalistic harmony. The sound on the other hand – a mix of Lana Del Ray and Selena Gomez, which turns out works really, really well with the voice of Rena and the back vocals of the rest of the band in the chorus. I am super excited to see what they come up with next!

MawMaw – The Rope

MawMaw is a Belgian band I accidentally discovered on Instagram. I was pleasantly surprised by their first single The Rope which shows that they definitely have the potential to go big and achieve a lot if they keep up their passion and dedication. The first single has a very nice and almost hypnotic sound which get super energetic at some point. It is worth checking out and I believe the band deserves attention.

Iziniga ft Acacia – Island Blues

A really nice finishing touch for the mix and my week Island Blues is an amazing and pleasantly soothing combination of reggae and blues. I am stunned by the great combination of styles and the well-working mix of female vocals over the reggae vibe of the entire song. A great collaboration which is relaxing yet sad if you listen to the song carefully.


Thanks a lot for reading another one of my music rambling. In case you like what you heard so far don’t hesitate to check the complete collection of songs in Spotify or YouTube. Stay tuned for more blogs on various topics coming soon and new music playlists each Sunday!

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