2017 Rock Sound and Lame Blogger Music Awards

On the first of December Rocksound announced the winners of the first ever Rock Sound Music awards, which were chosen directly by worldwide fans via Twitter. No fancy events or biased nominations by music critics – all up to the fans. The results are 100% real and honest and I am sure you will agree. Let me talk about that for a moment and use the chance to wrap up this year by telling you about my picks for music bands and artist who deserve recognition in categories completely made up by me. Enjoy!

Rocksound Awards Winners


So as I mentioned on the first of December the winners of the first ever Rock Sound Music awards were announced. Absolutely everything was left in the hands of the fans all around the world, there were not limitations regarding age or location and everyone who wanted to vote had the chance. No nominations by music critics or “fancy events 99.99% of the people won’t have the chance to attend” as Rocksound stated themselves. One thing is certain – the winners deserve it and fans agree, there couldn’t have been a more sincere and honest way to do this.

For those, who haven’t heard about it, I will present the winners of all the categories, without getting into much details.

Best International Breakthrough – Waterparks – Not a surprise considering the breaking success of Waterparks this year. They have been putting out music, touring and appearing on several music magazine covers (including a deluxe bundle by Alternative Press designed especially for Waterparks fans) . There is no doubt they deserved this award.

Best British Breakthrough – Creeper – As a British magazine, Rocksound were obliged to have a British category apart from the international one and Creeper dominated it for a reason.

Best International Band – One OK Rock – Things are looking great for One OK Rock (Japan). They have increased their fanbase greatly and internationally and definitely earned this award. They were supposed to tour with Linkin Park this year and their frontman – Taka made an amazing performance with Linkin Park and friends on the special concert dedicated to Chester Bennington earlier this year. Congrats!

Best British Band – Neck Deep – Again, apart from an international winner we had to see a British one as well. Neck Deep have been very active lately and if I am not mistaken took home several other music awards at the APMA‘s earlier this year.

Power Of Music Award – The MaineThe Maine have also been gaining steam and obviously their messages and energy reached a lot of people.

The Real Alternative – While She Sleeps – This band stayed true to themselves during this year and created some astonishing records with great power and meaning. They also featured one of the greatest metalcore icons – Oliver Skyes in their single “Silence Speaks” and broke Youtube‘s replay button and comment section.

Album Of The Year – All Time Low – I will be honest here – I discovered All Time Low in the beginning of 2017, but I was blown away. They definitely deserve recognition and are going to be big really soon. Their album “Last Young Renegade” took the award blowing away all competition.

Artist Of The Year – PVRIS – Ah PVRIS. There is simply no one else who deserves this award as much as them. They have totally dominated the rock music scene this year with an incredible album and a massive world tour. I have said it before, when I first reviewed their song “What’s Wrong”, but I will say it again – PVRIS will be taking the top spot in the rock music industry really soon.

Hall Of Fame Award – Fall Out Boy – This band has been trough a lot of stuff lately but they managed to pull themselves together and come back stronger than ever. They released several singles and embarked on a tour promoting their upcoming album – M A N I A ( out on 19th of January 2018) selling out venues and arenas of various sizes. A lot of unsatisfied fans criticize them for their walking away from the emo roots and absolute refusal to go on anniversary tours, but this award proves that Fall Out Boy still have what it takes to be on the top.

The Rock Sound Icon – Chester Bennington – No surprise here, Chester Bennington has been honored and his life and inspiration have been celebrated by billions of fans and friends. Even if he didn’t get this award it is absolutely obvious that he will stay as the number one Rock Sound Icon for a very long time.


An important thing to note is that in regards to the awards, Rocksound will be printing 10 different covers for the new issue of the magazine each featuring one of the winning bands/artists. The covers are especially designer for the occasion with metallic print and will include deluxe posters and vinyl stickers to collect. This is of course a limited edition of the magazine and 1£ of each sold copy will be donated to the One More Light fund established by Linkin Park for helping people with mental health problems. Marketing done well with a touch of charity. Well done Rocksound!

The 2017 Lame Blogger Music Awards Yes That Is Me

I’ve always followed various music award nominations and ceremonies with excitement. As a fan of several big and a lot of rising rock bands I was always happy when one of my favorite bands took an award in any category. This is a good chance to say that I am truly grateful to Rocksound for making their awards reachable by people all around the world unlike most other awards which limit the voting to residents of the USA (or the local area) only. If you want honest results leave it all to the fans, simple as that.

So as a person who is always excited to see which band/artist will prevail I decided to do my own music awards (completely unbiased of course) in categories I made up myself.

If you have read any of my previous music blog posts you will know that I am really passionate about music and I believe there are bands and artists that share messages and stories more people need to hear. And you will know that I really dislike the way music industry is right now, but let’s not get into this. My point is that I really believe that the bands and artist I am going to mention deserve to be heard and seen.

So here I go

Best Live Show 2017 – Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington

Without a doubt the suicide of Chester Bennington was the most devastating and shocking event this year. The way Linkin Park honored his life and contribution to music, however, was simply incredible and full of passion and emotion. If you haven’t yet seen this show, I really recommend it. Linkin Park invited people who Chester had inspired to start making music and some close friends of the band to sing with them and celebrate his amazing life. Appearances like Blink-182, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon, Sum-41, Taka from One OK  Rock, Korn’s Jonathan Davis, System Of A Down, Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Sydney Sierota of Echosmith, Machine Gun Kelly, Bebe Rexha, Steve Aoki and many more made this show unforgettable and unique. The most emotional moment was when the stage was left empty and the instrumental of Numb was played and the lyrics were given entirely to the crowd. This showed the unfillable hole that is now left in the band and the power and support that the fans have that keeps the band alive. Simply incredible, emotional and powerful. Also, Linkin Park started the One More Light fund and all the benefits from the show were donate to the fund, helping people with mental health problems.

Best Comeback Album – Paramore’s After Laughter

Paramore are back baby! I really feel that their new album didn’t get the attention and recognition it deserved. Paramore and Hayley Williams especially have been trough the hardest times of their lives and barely made it out alive. Dealing with another set of conflicts in the band (nothing new for them and yet again they make it out with a killer album), personal emotional struggles of Hayley and a future so uncertain any other band would have given up, Paramore actually made it out alive and not only that, but they produced (my personal opinion) their best album so far. This is their most emotional and real album so far and I think it ranks right next to Linkin Park’s One More Light in terms of topic regarding personal struggles and 100% real emotion. But only Paramore are capable of making such groovy dancy songs with such powerful and emotionally strong lyrics at the same time. Should I dance or should I cry? The only reason I haven’t made a review of this album (yet) is that it is really hard for me to talk about the topics since they are so emotional. But the album is a solid 10/10 and seriously the best comeback I have seen a band can make (strongly reminding me of Sum-41’s comeback with 13 Voices), I sincerely admire Paramore for their dedication and hard work towards what they believe is worth it.

Biggest Hype – Thirty Seconds To Mars

Let’s be honest – anyone who follows Thirty Seconds To Mars knows that – they are the masters of hype. Jared Leto and the band always tease fans long before something is coming up, gradually building up the hype and excitement. And this time its no different. As usual the band started teasing with “Mars is coming” posts in social media and eventually asked their fanbase to submit video clips for their new single “Walk on Water”, which was once again a powerful song with a really good message people need to look into. After several TV appearances and more social media teasing the band announced a world tour scheduled for 2018 to promote their upcoming album. Their teasing and mysterious posts made the social media explode with reposts and comments regarding the new album and fans started creating theories and what not. Thirty Seconds to Mars know how to do it and do it well.

Best Fanbase – PVRIS CVLT

PVRIS already took one official award from Rocksound and one from Alternative Press, but lets face it – this is their moment and they are on the top of their career right now. Usually the bands who take the most dedicated fanbase awards are Twenty One Pilots for some reason and allow me to be honest – Twenty One Pilots are one of the best in what they do and have the most emotional and  personal shows ever, their fanbase is talented and really great, but they are very very far from being the best fanbase. 90% of the clique believe that only he/she understands the art of TOP and no one else deserves to be in the front or the reach the band in any way.

The CVLT on the other hand is one of the most close-knit fanbase communities I have seen and been part of. Those people care for each other and for their favorite band and support them in any possible way. During the massive world tour PVRIS started I have seen some amazing acts of genuine love and support towards the band and the other fans , I was blown away. Lets start with the amazing and funny gifts some people left for the band during meet and greets and concerts like plushy toys and vegetables (to keep the band healthy) and get to the highest point – one of the shows in Germany. Lynn has stated several times during this year she is having problems with her voice and she needs to be very careful, but this didn’t stop her from giving 100% at each show (did I mention they have been touring the entire year?) . Which resulted in her voice loss at one of the shows in Germany during the autumn Europe tour. She lost her voice and started crying because she couldn’t finish the song. And what did the crowd do – they started screaming “It’s okay Lynn” and finished the song themselves, which made Lynn even more emotional, but gave her enough time to take a break and finish the concert. That’s not all – after that show the CVLT fanbase organized themselves in social media and for the span of one month created the best supportive video put up by hundredths of submission from around the world showing Lynn that she is amazing and needs to keep herself safe. The video is linked on the top, check it out! Great job CVLT, you rock!

Biggest Surprise of 2017 – Eminem’s Walk on Water

I mean… It’s not that big of a surprise if you actually think about it, but I admit it came as a shock the first time I heard it. We are used to hearing Eminem as the one and only rap god, ruthless and brutal, slaying us with his lyrics. But times are changing and surprise, surprise, even Eminem is feeling the pressure on him. This is another song full of passion and emotion and Eminem himself admits the expectations are getting too big and he set the bar for himself a bit too high. Hard to believe, but the Rap God is also afraid of the future and is feeling insecure in himself. Just a normal set of emotions, but coming form someone with the rank of Eminem it is a really powerful and strong message. But let’s be honest – he still produces high quality music and killed it with this song. To make it better he collaborated with one of the all time music icons – Beyonce. It was a good surprise, powerful lyrics, good flow and Beyonce‘s soothing voice completed this song in the best possible way.

Best Discovery of 2017 – Vukovi

I know this is beyond biased, but these are my music awards, ok ?! I am really happy I discovered this band, they are really amazing. Go check them out, you will love them if you like rock/pop/punk combos. I found them thanks to the already mentioned PVRIS. Vukovi were supporting PVRIS on the European tour and I had the honor and pleasure to see them live right on the front row. These guys are truly amazing, they have energy and passion to bring satisfaction to the crowd that I have hardly seen. Janine has an amazing attitude and knows that all the band is doing is for the sake of people who enjoy it, they show was full of energy, she took the phones of several people from the crowd and walked around the stage taking videos, she went down in the crowd several times and performed amazing stunts to entertain us. The other members of the band were also amazing and made sure that they gave 100% during the performance – it was just a must see. In terms of lyrics and sound Vukovi are definitely still growing and I am sure we will be seeing much more in the following years, they will get bigger and bigger. Their music is worth hearing, they have powerful messages and encourage people to be themselves and stand out for what they truly believe in. Definitely deserve an award.

Best Music Video 2017 – All Time Low’s Dirty Laundry

I mentioned that I discovered All Time Low earlier this year. I also wanted to review this song, but didn’t get to it at all for some reason. However, this song is another really powerful and emotional one and the video is just making it stronger and stronger. It is really symbolic and metaphoric, which has always appealed to me. The song is about one’s relationship with others and estimations of people who come and go, all of this showed with a metaphor of dirty laundry (and clean clothes eventually). I was really impressed the first time I saw it and frequently came back to it again and again. It is truly powerful and I think All Time Low set the bar for their future records really high with this and the entire “Last Young Renegade” album. But they definitely deserve recognition and I believe this video is their best work so far. Check it out!

Best collaboration of 2017 – Home by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha


I am not the biggest MGK (or X Ambassadors or Bebe Rexha) fan out there and to be honest I am not following any of them that much. But this song came to my attention and I think it deserves to be heard (not like it isn’t – currently number 40 most popular in youtube). I think this collaboration was done in the best possible way, the voice of Bebe, raps of Kelly and singing from X Ambassadors really fit perfectly together and the theme of the song is also a really powerful and emotional one. All of this makes the song really great in general. Great lyrics dealing with something a lot of people (myself included) are struggling with, sang by some of the most amazing voices in the music industry. It is really worth looking into the meaning of the song and not only enjoying it for the beautiful way it sounds.


Well, I think I should stop here before I make this way too long. I am really happy I finally distributed my own music awards to bands and artists that didn’t get the recognition they deserve. I’ve always been interested in doing something like that and I hope I also helped you discover some cool facts and new music to check out. I am sure you will love most of it (if not all). I will skip doing a best artist and best album of 2017 for the simple reason that I just cannot choose one. This year was a rollercoaster and there was so much good music coming out each month, I was overwhelmed with great songs and powerful messages. There is no way I can simply choose just one. But let me end this blog with a bonus award, even though I already talked about this category a bit.

Most Emotional Music Moment of 2017 – Numb performed by fans on empty stage = crowd finishing the song for Lynn Gunn

I couldn’t choose which one was more impactful – The crowd supporting Linkin Park or the crowd supporting PVRIS. But both performances were really touching and full of emotion. Another proof music is the most powerful thing on Earth and can unite people in an incredible way. I couldn’t find the video from the concert of PVRIS in Germany, but do check out the amazing performance of the crowd during the concert in celebration of Chester‘s life. It is incredible, it’s not every day you get to see hundredths of people singing their hearts out in such a powerful way.